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Why did you choose DeSales? Answered by Hayley Martin

I asked Junior Dance major Hayley Martin why she choose Desales University in her college search process.

“First I chose DeSales because of its prime location in the Lehigh Valley. There are numerous opportunities to get involved in the arts and it is not too far from Philadelphia and New York City. DeSales also has a different masterclass every Friday with the entire dance major. No other school I looked into would bring in as many guest teachers as DeSales, and it helps to make connections with professionals within the dance community. The masterclass also brings a sense of community to the department because every dance major takes the class all together. The family atmosphere between everyone in the dance major was by far the most important reason I chose to come here. You meet everyone at that first masterclass and just seeing how uplifting everyone is here was such a positive experience for me. Here at DeSales everyone has the same goal and we push each other to these goals with such an encouraging community. Everyones creative ideas are welcomed and I don’t think I could have chosen a better school than DeSales.”