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DeSales University Mission Statement

desales bulldogThe mission of DeSales University is to provide men and women with quality higher education according to the philosophy of Christian humanism as developed by Saint Francis DeSales and his spiritual heirs. The university imparts knowledge about and develops talents for personal, familial, and societal living. DeSales University enriches the human community and enhances the dignity of the individual through its educational endeavors, in its work the university fosters a vital and respectful dialogue between Roman Catholic faith and human culture.

Division of Performing Arts Mission Statement

Believing that creativity endeavors to illuminate truth and elevate the human spirit, the mission of the Performing Arts Division is to provide students with opportunities to grow as artists, scholars, and human beings within the context of a strong liberal arts education in the Salesian tradition.  Through their academic studies and practical experiences, students develop their creativity, intellect, talents, and skills, enabling them to make informed decision about appropriate academic and/or professional career paths in theatre, dance, and TV/film.

Division of Performing Arts Philosophy Statement

desales statueThe Division of Performing Arts was founded on the notion that creativity is a gift from God.  We strive to educate students according to the philosophy of St. Francis de Sales, using our talents in celebration of beauty and the quest for truth.  By modeling excellence in the classroom and production, and by providing thorough foundational training, we aim to develop artists who contribute to the enrichment of the human community

Department of Dance Mission Statement

The Dance Department at DeSales University integrates the study of dance within a liberal arts curriculum that is founded on the philosophy of Christian Humanism. Our theoretical and practical approach to the art of dance cultivates the growth of the individual and prepares students for professional careers.