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Featured Alumni

Brianne Taylor

Brianne Taylor was a graduate of the DeSales Dance Department in 2012 and has been quite busy since then. She is currently a Director of Dance Medicine Conditioning in Connecticut and “As Director, I work with all the local dancers and non-dancers that seek our services. I also run workshops for local performers which are geared towards creating a well-rounded and educated dancer from cross-training, nutrition, body-rolling techniques, core stability seminars, etc.” says Brianne Taylor.

Taylor found her education from DeSales very resourceful and valued numerous aspects of the dance department. She enjoyed the master class offered every Friday, but Brianne said her favorite were “the network of friends and colleagues that I was able to make and keep. I am still in touch with my professors. I have the same six best friends that I formed there from the dance department freshman year. And I have been able to connect with alumni before me and past me for numerous reasons”.

She has been performing with two local companies since graduating in 2012, CONNetic Dance based out of Hartford and Full Force Dance Theatre based out of West Hartford. Her newest task is applying to graduate school to obtain her Doctorate of Physical Therapy with the intent of becoming a physical therapist that works directly with dancers.


Written by: Kaitlyn Miller
DeSales University ‘17
Dance & Business Administration Major


Kathleen Glynn

“DeSales taught me that I am a unique individual made in the image and likeness of God. I do not need to imitate anyone else; I need to love the person that I am.”

Kathleen Glynn

“I graduated with integrity, drive and a readiness to jump into my profession.  My time at DeSales University, both inside and outside of my dance studies, allowed me to discover and to appreciate my own character,” says Kathleen Glynn, a 2009 graduate of DeSales University.

Glynn believes that it was her education from DeSales that molded her into a strong and well rounded individual, providing her with a colorful list of qualifications that gave her more post-graduation options than she had expected.

Glynn is currently the artistic director of CoEXISTdance, Inc., a dance company that works to blend dance and community outreach work. She launched the company immediately after graduation, but it has only recently become nonprofit.  Glynn credits DeSales with providing the necessary knowledge to help her achieve this goal.

“DeSales taught me that I am a unique individual made in the image and likeness of God. I do not need to imitate anyone else; I need to love the person that I am,” she says. “Just as we need to love others, we need to be more forgiving and understanding of ourselves.”

Glynn’s future goals for her company are to open up its own dance space, launch an academic-integrated arts program for elementary and high school students and do long-term national and international service trips.

In addition to directing her company, Glynn is also a dance teacher for the school district of Philadelphia, teaches at two dance studios and is pursuing her Master’s in Education from Temple University.

“I have applied bits and pieces of every dance class I took at DeSales to my classroom,” says Glynn. “My students have explored Dance History, Kinesiology, Dance Criticism, Dance Technique and Dance Composition.”

While studying as a dance major at DeSales, Glynn decided to declare English as a dual major. She says that balancing both majors was not too difficult, and strongly encourages this option to any students who are interested. She is constantly using her English background in her dance career.

Glynn’s favorite aspect of the Dance Department is the variety in the program. Students can perform multiple times a year, choreograph for the Emerging Choreographers Concert and Informal Concert and teach local youth. In addition to ballet and modern technique classes, weekly master classes offer lessons in many dance genres including Afro-Caribbean, Ballroom Dancing, Hip-Hop and Tap, among many others.

“This is truly a brilliant dance program, complemented with a wonderful academic education and a  warm campus atmosphere. Whether you are interested in teaching dance, performing professionally, choreographing, arts administration, health and fitness, dance criticism or dance therapy, I promise that DeSales will have all of the educational resources and professional opportunities that you could ever want,” Glynn says to prospective students who are interested in the DeSales Dance Department.

Glynn is excited to be back at DeSales this weekend for the 30th anniversary of the Dance Department. Her company will be performing on Saturday at the 3:00 afternoon show of the Alumni DeSales University Dance Ensemble Concert. Tickets can be purchased by calling the DeSales University Box Office at 610-282-3192.

Written by: Danielle Desimone
DeSales University ‘13
Dance & Communication Major


Angela Sigley

angela-sigley-mfa-1New Addition to the Dance Department

Once I knew I wanted to go to college, DeSales University was the only place I wanted to go. It just felt as though I belonged here,” says Angela Sigley, a former graduate of the DeSales University Dance Department. Sigley is now back and again part of the dance department, only this time as a faculty member. She has a lot to offer the dance program not only as a faculty member and artist, but also as an alumna of DeSales University.

Striving to advance her knowledge and experiment with the craft of choreography, Sigley returned to DeSales because of her desire to teach young adults in a college level setting. Four years after studying dance at DeSales as an undergraduate, Sigley earned her Masters in Fine Arts from Temple University in 2010.

It seems as though Sigley could not stay away from the DeSales atmosphere. Coming back for her first semester as a professor, Angela is currently teaching Modern II, Composition I and Introduction to Modern and Ballet.

“It’s a strange feeling coming back to DeSales and being on the other side, as an educator,” Sigley says.

Not only does Sigley teach dance, she continues to perform in the Philadelphia area. Sigley is currently performing various works with Jessica C. Warchal-King, a former colleague and close friend from Temple University.

Sigely is more of a freelance artist and considers herself a project-based choreographer. She continues to seek out performance opportunities on her own, without being a part of a dance company.

Sigley is currently preparing for her upcoming performance in the Philadelphia Fringe Festival on September 1st and 2nd at the Chi Movement Arts Center. The performance is called “Doris Says…”, it is a choreographed piece based on Doris Humphrey’s book The Art of Making Dances.

Sigley continues to find inspiration from dancers Mark Morris, Jiri Kylian, Chris Elam, and Martha Graham.

“Nothing is more revealing than movement,” is merely one of Martha Graham’s famous quotes and happens to be Sigley’s favorite.

Sigley believes that it is important to strive for truth in choreography:
the truth of intent, the creator, and the dancer.

Written by: Leigha Adduci
DeSales University ‘13
Dance & Communication Major


Francesca Marinaro

DM Dance Company

Drained past exhaustion after a week of preparation and performances for the extraordinarily successful 2012 Dance Ensemble Concert, the DSU dance majors may be in some need of new inspiration. And here it is!  DeSales alum from the graduating class of 2008 Francesca Marinaro started her own dance company.  Collaborating with artist Jamie Drye to create the DM Dance Company, the two directors strive to express purpose and diversity through their passionate, powerfully talented repertory. Marinaro is thrilled to introduce her dance company to the region as she states, “We are more than excited to make our company’s debut and we look forward to a long future bringing an exciting new contemporary dance company to the Lehigh Valley.”

Performing with the DM Dance Company are the phenomenal artists Courtney Andrews Kay, Moira Ryan, Emily Perkins, Gabrielle Winter, Jamie Drye, and Francesca Marinaro herself. The premier includes a work titled Life by Design, a DM Dance Company original performance that incorporates text, instrumentals, and dance drama with contemporary movement. DM Dance Company hopes to bring inspiration to their audiences making this premier performance not only memorable, but relatable to dancers and non-dancers alike.


Written by: Leigha Adduci
DeSales University ‘13
Dance & Communication Major