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Performance Opportunities

Emerging Choreographers Concert 


578703_247611175391004_1978035062_nThat DeSales dance majors are terrific dancers is no news. But they are also terrific choreographers. This dance season opener shines the spotlight brightly on the fresh and daring choreographic vision of our budding young choreographers. Always fast paced and innovative, this student-run concert is presented in the intimate Schubert Theatre in the Labuda Center for a dance experience unlike any other.

 DeSales University Dance Ensemble

which showcases original choreography by nationally renowned choreographers and our wonderfully talented DSU dance faculty. Experience the best of jazz, ballet, and modern dance in a visually captivating concert that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. 




~~~~~~~ Fall & Spring Informal Dance Concerts


The Fall and Spring Informal Concerts are held during the exam week of each semester in the Schubert Theater. These concerts are organized and produced completely by the dance students who have been selected to choreograph for them by the faculty members. One does not have to be a dance major to propose a choreographic project, anyone who is taking dance classes within the dance program may submit a written proposal to choreograph.  These concerts are a great way for students to experiment with choreography in a laid back atmosphere!





Senior Project Dance Showings 

This is a culminating presentation of a student’s experience as a dance major. These projects are presented at the end of the fall semester and evolve out of the Senior Dance Seminar course. Projects are designed, researched, analyzed, and presented by the senior dance major to the general public.

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Composition Class Showings

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This is an informal showing held each year at the end of spring term in the Brisson Dance Studio. Work is presented by students of the DA 232 Dance Composition II course and is the culmination of a full year of composition study. Projects are designed, choreographed and presented by the students of this class and are presented to the general public. Dance majors are asked by the student choreographers to participate in these works; rehearsals for these pieces should be regarded just as important and professional(ie attendance and conduct) as all other rehearsals throughout the year. 

Musical Theater Performances

Screen shot 2014-04-03 at 4.03.33 PM“Any student interested in musical theater or a career in theater would do well to investigate the DeSales program and take advantage of its many opportunities. As actors, directors, writers, teachers, administrators, and citizens of the planet, they have much to offer. And a world to change. “ 


– Tony Award winner Victoria Clark

Screendance Film Festival

406933_4728192840114_1153511033_n 1462652_10153537270540085_573930047_oScreendance is a hybrid artform combining cinematography with dance! The festival challenges students to hone their creative talents and to work together in order to create a film in just 48 hours. The concept, development, planning, choreographing, filming, and editing all have to come together in this short amount of time.





***more performance opportunities described under “ACDFA” and “Outside Perfmance”