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August 2018 Workshops


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Six Things That Make College Teachers Successful (Guest Post from Mary Clement via Faculty Focus)

Tweet Check out this brief article for foundational ideas to help you and your students to be more successful. #6 is Keep the Passion! Link to online article here. 

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Zoom and Flex: What’s What?!?

Tweet Zoom – a tool; Flex – a class format You may have heard the terms “Zoom” and “Flex” bandied about DeSales recently. If you’d like some clarity about what Zoom and Flex are and how they are different, read … Continue reading

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Blackboard SaaS FAQ

Tweet In an earlier blog post, we mentioned an upcoming switch to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) We’d like to provide answers to some frequently asked questions. #1.  What is the SaaS deployment for Blackboard Learn? SaaS deployment for Blackboard Learn is … Continue reading

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