Blackboard SaaS FAQ

In an earlier blog post, we mentioned an upcoming switch to SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) We’d like to provide answers to some frequently asked questions.

#1.  What is the SaaS deployment for Blackboard Learn?

SaaS deployment for Blackboard Learn is the same Blackboard Learn you already know, delivered on a modern cloud computing technology stack.

#2. Is the user experience changing when we move to SaaS?

Blackboard Learn in a SaaS environment looks ALMOST EXACTLY the same as the Blackboard Learn 9.1 user experience we have today.  SaaS is a deployment option, not a different LMS.

#3. What are the benefits of SaaS deployment for Blackboard Learn?

Zero impact to faculty and students during updates: With a cloud-computing environment, we’ll benefit from continuous updates (new features, enhancements, fixes, etc.) with zero or minimal downtime.

Higher quality: A SaaS model allows Blackboard to deliver maintenance, updates, and fixes to production faster, and the cloud platform easily scales during periods of high usage.

Fast access to new features: A SaaS model allows Blackboard to deliver enhancements and new features faster, so we’ll have the latest and greatest features.

#4. What are the new features coming with SaaS?

The transition does include some new features since it is an updated version of Blackboard. The specific changes are documented here: SaaS Transition Changes.

#5. How do I find out more?

The DEIT staff is holding workshops in July to provide information on the transition. Faculty members can also request access to a test server that contains copies of older content. Contact DEIT ( or 610-282-1100 x2290) for information on a test server account.

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