DEIT Faculty Survey

The DEIT Faculty Survey is an effort by the Distance Education and Instructional Technology department to collect specific information about how DEIT’s services are viewed and utilized. The short survey covers such topics as:

  • Workshops
  • Help Desk
  • Responses to requests (both standard and emergencies)

All faculty are invited to participate in the survey by going to

Thank you for your participation!

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Student Lingo Reborn!

Something here at DeSales has a whole new look! 

Have you heard? StudentLingo has released a fresh new website. It is even more user-friendly than before and has many new features to help students get the most out of each video workshop.

StudentLingo is a collection of online video workshops that help your students get through this adventure called college!

Workshops can be viewed 24/7 any day of the year. In addition, each workshop has transcripts along with supporting materials to help reinforce your students’ newfound knowledge and strategies for success.

Faculty, staff, and students complete a free one-time registration process.  Access to the workshops is immediate. Users can start and stop as needed. Progress is saved as well!

48 informative, on-demand, videos workshops are available to explore. Topics cover a wide variety of issues, including:

  • Writing Techniques
  • Taking Tests Online
  • Stress Management
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Preparing for Final Exams
  • Mastering the Job Interview
  • And Many More!

A link to the entire collection of workshops can easily be added to your course. Please feel free to contact Ted Schmittel (See Below for Info) in the DEIT department for questions and help with getting started with StudentLingo!


So, what you waiting for? Click the image below and take look!



Contact Ted Schmittel for more information and support.

Phone: 610-282-1100 Ext. 2290



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Using Publisher’s Content

Many academic textbook publishers now offer web-based services to accompany the digital versions of their textbooks. Depending on how the specific publisher has structured their integration with Blackboard, you may be able to …

  • Expand students’ understanding of the material by connecting reading assignments to practice exercises, assessments, and additional resources.
  • Enhance your lectures by customizing the publisher’s presentations to fit your needs.
  • Simplify grading by linking the publisher’s content to the Blackboard Grade Center.

A publisher’s tools will appear in several places in Blackboard – the Course Tools list (under Course Management at the bottom of your course menu) or in various places throughout your course’s content folders (Assessments, Tools, Partner Content). Additional details are available in the links below.

Cengage Learning




Want a printable copy?

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Apple Users- Notice about Blackboard Apps

Apple has announced it will release of iOS 11 on September 19, 2017.  This will change your device from a 32 bit device to a 64 bit device.  What does this mean to you?  Any app you are presently using that is a 32 bit app will cease to operate once you update your iOS.  Blackboard has announced that its original mobile application for students and instructors (“Mobile Learn”)  will cease to operate.

Solution: you will need to download Blackboard’s new mobile app Blackboard Instructor or Blackboard Student, depending on your role.  Instructors can check out the Instructor Video Tour by clicking here. Students can check out the Student Video Tour by clicking here.

Click on the link for a Quick Start guide.

Instructor App             Student App

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Career preparation videos for students

Would your students benefit from more career information in an easily digestible video format? Check out this new video resource from the DeSales Career Development Center. Topics include Job Search, Internships/Co-ops, and Occupational. For more information visit the Career Development Center on the web at or give the CDC a call at 610-282-1100 x1738 or email them at

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Sign up for a Modest Course Makeover!

Take the time to connect with the DEIT team and see how your course can be made more accessible and engaging for students. Let our instructional designers be your course’s interior decorators!

From simple visual renovations (text formatting, content realignment, banner/image creation and placement, etc.) to integrating the Grade Center, Due Dates, and Calendar set up, the DEIT remodeling crew will work with you to make a good course even better!

To cap off the process, you’ll revisit with the DEIT staff to review the suggested revisions and edits, and then it’s all up to you: do you love the new course and keep it, or do you want to tweak it?

What are you waiting for? Take a crack at swinging that Blackboard hammer and renovate some content folders; DEIT is here to help with the heavy-lifting!

Sign up here or contact DEIT at 610-282-1100 x2290 or

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Blackboard and Dropbox – Perfect Together

DeSales University’s Blackboard-Dropbox integration allows instructors and learners to easily link to and upload their Dropbox content into their Blackboard Learn courses.

Instructors and learners can link to their Dropbox content directly from Blackboard Learn using the mashup menu found in most content creation workflows: content creation, tests, discussion boards, blogs, journals, wikis, announcements, feedback, and grading notes. Instructors and learners enter their Dropbox credentials to access their content the first time this feature is used, and the credentials are cached for future use.

Benefits of the Dropbox integration

As a cloud storage platform, Dropbox is available anywhere there is an Internet connection. Cloud storage of files also allows instructors to quickly update content. Instructors can post links to Dropbox content in multiple courses. As changes are made to the files in Dropbox, the changes will be reflected in each course containing the link. Does this mean students can change an assignment submission after the fact if they use Dropbox? Answer: no, it does not. Assignment submissions made in Blackboard link to a specific revision of the file that was current as of the time it was submitted. Any changes made to the file after the point of submission will be ignored. Students would need to resubmit the file for the changes to be available.

For more information …

Additional documentation is available here (pdf format). For additional information, contact DEIT at 610-282-1100 x2290 or or come see us in Dooling Hall, Room 40.


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Reporting Classroom Tech Problems

If something is not right in a classroom, don’t assume someone else reported it. If it is a classroom emergency that you’d like to be immediately addressed, call the Help Desk at x4357 (xHELP) and a technician will be dispatched to your room. If it’s a less time sensitive problem, when you have the opportunity, contact the Help Desk either by live chat (see MyDSU), email ( or phone (x4357/xHELP).

DEIT and IT check all classrooms before the beginning of the term, but sometimes we miss something or something goes bad after we do our checks. We make every effort to fix problems that affect your ability to teach ASAP or come up with an effective workaround.

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Create a Welcome Video to Connect With Your Students

DEIT’s motto is “We Help Faculty Connect With Their Students.” A great way to add your personality to a course in a way that connects with today’s students is to create a brief welcome video. Video is a great tool to bring your humanity to an online class, but even in a hybrid or traditional class you can use video to introduce yourself and set the tone before you meet with the students in person.

DEIT can help you create or post a welcome video, or you can do it on your own. Two great DeSales tools for recording yourself are Panopto and the One Button Studio in Trexler Library.

Here are some examples of welcome videos created by our faculty members (used by permission). Login may be required to view some videos – if prompted to login to Panopto, select “Blackboard” and enter your normal DeSales username and password.

Dr. Brennan Pursell FN-455 Money, Booms, and Busts Recorded by instructor in his office using Panopto.

Dr. Tom Craig MG-201 Principles of Management Recorded by instructor in his office using Panopto.

Dr. Anna Berger TH-234 Study of the Old Testament Professionally recorded and edited by DEIT and hosted on DeSales media server.

Dr. Joshua Schulz TH-262 Medicine and Morality Instructor created video hosted on YouTube.

Whatever your skill and comfort level with technology, DEIT can help. Contact us at or 610-282-1100 x2290.

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Teacher Characteristics and Behaviors that Make a Difference – Maryellen Weimer, Faculty Focus

This Teaching Professor blog post describes student-desired teacher characteristics. The list was compiled with attention paid to three criteria: 1) the behavior or characteristic increases learning outcomes; 2) the behavior or characteristic is “historically prominent” in the communication education literature (communication education has a long history of impressive research and scholarship on teaching); and 3) the list includes a wide variety of teacher qualities.


Goldman, Z. W., Cranmer, G. A., Solitto, M., Labelle, S., and Lancaster, A. L. (2017). What do college student want? A prioritization of instructional behaviors and characteristics. Communication Education, 66 (3), 280-298.

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