Something wickedly fun this way comes—Shakespeare for Kids opens at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival

Center Valley, PA— Complete with sock puppets, sing-a-longs, and the Shakespeare Hokey-Pokey, Shakespeare for Kids, written by Erin Sheffield and composed by Andrew Kane, opens at Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival July 24 and runs through August 3 at 10am on the Main Stage of the Labuda Center for the Performing Arts on the campus of DeSales University.

Ideal for children ages 4 to 10, Shakespeare for Kids (S4K) is a high-energy one-hour production designed for children to actively experience Shakespeare’s vibrant language and characters. Using a combination of songs, puppets, and scenes from William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, S4K provides families with the opportunity to introduce their children to Shakespeare in a welcoming, kid-friendly environment.

“Shakespeare’s tragedies teach us great lessons about right and wrong and most importantly how to be a good friend to your family and community,” says Director Matt Pfeiffer. “In S4K we use some of the scary elements of Macbeth to have fun and play, hopefully providing kids a chance to get Shakespeare’s medicine with just the right amount of sugar.”

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Prince Hal and Falstaff bring us on a raucous journey as folly and duty collide in Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival’s Henry IV, Part 1

Center Valley, PA— Following last season’s King Richard II, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival presents the next chapter of Shakespeare’s epic cycle with Henry IV, Part 1. The production will continue the tradition of concluding the season with “Extreme Shakespeare,” in the Schubert Theatre on July 24 through August 4 at the Labuda Center for the Performing Arts on the Center Valley campus of DeSales University.

The irrepressible Falstaff, the prodigal Prince Hal, and the rebellious Hotspur navigate the shifting sands of allegiance in King Henry IV’s England. Honor is at stake as commoners and kings, folly and duty collide in Shakespeare’s richly layered coming-of-age tale. Prince Hal is called upon to emerge from the raucous hilarity of Falstaff and his antics at the Boar’s Head Tavern to the valor of the battlefield, to earn his place as the next great ruler of this “sceptered isle.”

In the “Extreme Shakespeare” tradition, this production will be rehearsed akin to the way Shakespeare’s company would have­—actors arrive with their lines learned, rehearse on their own, wear what they can find, and open in a matter of days. No director, no designers. Just great actors, a brilliant play, and pure adrenaline, spontaneity, and creativity.

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Today: Beach Block Party from 10-2

Come join Financial Aid, Academic affairs and the Registrar’s Office for a Beach Block Party outside the Registrar’s Office on Thursday, July 18, from 10AM — 2PM. There will be food, refreshments, games and prizes.

Please wear your favorite beach attire. ALL ARE WELCOME!

Faculty and Staff Judges Needed for Orientation Student Challenges — August 20

We are in need of judges for our Orientation Student Challenges.  These events will be held on Tuesday, August 20, 2019 and are tentatively scheduled for the following:

  • 9AM-9:45AM — Talent Competition
  • 1:30PM-2:15PM — Singing Competition
  • 3:15PM-4PM — Dance Competition

If you would like to judge, we would need you there 15 minutes beforehand and sometimes 15 minutes afterwards.  Please email the Orientation Team at by Friday, August 9, 2019 if you would like to participate.

Students: Orientation Student Club or Organization Information Fair – August 20

The Orientation Student Club or Organization Information Fair will be held on Tuesday, August 20 from 12PM-1:30PM in the DUC.  If you are in charge of student club, organization, or event on campus, this will be your opportunity to show the Class of 2023 what you have to offer.  If you would like a table please email the Orientation Team at  and please note any special needs such as electricity.  The deadline to register will be Friday, August 9, 2019.