Deadline to apply to the Summer Institute of Catholic Social Thought is 4/1

DeSales University is proud to offer a unique opportunity to our faculty – the Summer Institute of Catholic Social Thought (SICST). Below is a testimonial from Dr. Joshua Schulz, who attended the Summer Institute in June 2010:

“I attended the SICST last summer, and I wanted to pass on what a great experience it is. Fr. Sullins brought in a wide variety of experts on various aspects of Christian humanism and Catholic Social Teaching. We heard from social scientists, anthropologists, psychologists, historians, economists, lawyers, and even Fr. Groschel – just to name a few – over the course of the week. Most of the participants come from the social sciences (I was one of two philosophers/theologians there), and most participants are using the seminar as an introduction to CST. I would strongly recommend the Institute to anyone who has the time or inclination to go, and if anyone would like to talk about the Institute, I would be happy to discuss it with them.” — Joshua Schulz, philosophy

The university will sponsor one faculty member for this annual event at the Catholic University of America. Dr. Andrew Essig is the officially designated Faculty Coordinator for this event. Below is an announcement from the Summer Institute’s Director, Fr. Paul Sullins, inviting you to attend this year’s weeklong seminar, which will take place June 6 – 10, 2011. A link is provided below to provide you with more information. We hope that you will seriously consider taking advantage of this very special opportunity. Housing will be provided, and all travel expenses are covered, including the tuition for the Summer Institute.

The deadline for applying is April 1.

If you are interested in attending the Summer Institute and have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Dr. Andrew Essig, at ext. 1632.