Accounts Payable and Fiscal Year 2012 close

We are quickly nearing the end of the fiscal year, June 30.  Please ensure that any cash or checks are brought to our office by the end of the day June 30.  Please submit all invoices and expenditure requisitions related to 2012 budget year activity as soon as possible.  Due to various reporting deadlines, we can only process items related to the 2012 budget year through July 13, 2012.  Any items received after that time will be considered to be part of your fiscal year 2013 budgets.  If you are aware of a significant expenditure related to the 2012 budget year for which you may not receive an invoice as of July 13, 2012, please notify me via email at  Please indicate the account(s) to charge, the approximate dollar amount of the expenditure, and provide any supporting documents such as receiving documents or email correspondence.  I will ensure that this estimated amount is included against your 2012 budget.

You should not order any items related to the 2012/2013 academic year in May or June.  As a reminder, an item must be physically received, or the services must have been rendered or performed, before June 30th in order for an item to be counted against your budget for 2012.  Any noted invoices and expenditure requisitions that do not meet this general rule will automatically be counted against your 2013 budget.

With these parameters in mind, we request that you avoid any unnecessary expenditures throughout the summer months. The budgetary reductions outlined in the five-year strategic plan coupled with the continued uncertainty in the economy dictate prudent conservation of our available resources.

A few other processing reminders:

  • IRS regulations require us to obtain a completed Form W-9 for all vendors.  A payment will not be processed unless the W-9 form is on file with our office.  Please contact Debbie Naso with any questions.
  • Please try and use Student or Employee ID numbers, as applicable, on the forms as opposed to SSN.  SSN or EIN numbers should be used for all other vendors.  This information is necessary in order to have 2 pieces of identifying information to ensure that the proper vendor is selected for payment.
  • Our regularly scheduled check runs occur twice weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays.  Please be conscious of this schedule and provide the check requests one week in advance or earlier for any items that have urgent deadlines.
  • Requisitions submitted to the Treasurer’s Office MUST have supporting documentation attached and signed by the authorized Chair of the Department; otherwise, they will not be processed for payment.
  • Petty cash requests from Carol Ritter are limited to $50 and will require receipts for cash to be reimbursed.  Carol’s hours for petty cash requests are from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM (closed during lunch hour).  All requests that exceed $50 will be processed through accounts payable.
  • The University’s approved mileage allowance is 55.5 cents per mile, effective January 1, 2012, mirroring the IRS rate.  This change has been reflected on the University’s travel expense reimbursement form. A copy can be obtained from Debbie Naso.
  • The use of Purchase Orders is required for requisitions greater than $5,000, and can be facilitated with John Bednarik.  This process will help create an encumbrance on the accounts at the time of purchase which helps in monitoring budget to actual account balances.

Thank you in advance for your attention to these matters.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact or at ext. 1305.