June Ethics Breakfast cancelled

NOTICE regarding the Ethics Breakfast scheduled for June 7, 2012

As part of its regular quarterly series, and in keeping with this year’s focus on ethical issues facing the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the Forum for Ethics in the Workplace planned to host an ethics breakfast on June 7, 2012 to discuss ethical questions surrounding Allentown’s Neighborhood Improvement Zone (NIZ).

In fulfillment of our mission, this breakfast series creates a discussion forum in which multiple, even opposing, perspectives on a current issue are presented by guest speakers and openly discussed by the assembled audience.

For this topic, we had arranged for speakers representing diverse segments of the community directly involved with or affected by the NIZ and had promoted the event with their participation in mind. However, due to the current state of litigation on this matter, several of our speakers were counseled to withdraw from participating in a public forum and notified us that they would do so.

Wishing to maintain the integrity of the program – in terms of both the focus on a debatable subject and the inclusion of expert guest speakers – it appears no longer possible to create the forum for discussion as planned and promoted. Therefore, the board of directors of the Forum for Ethics in the Workplace has decided to postpone this event indefinitely and to do so by posting this notice to those areas where the event was previously advertised.

Guests who have already registered for the breakfast will be given the option to have their fees returned or to apply them to a future ethics breakfast (with the next one scheduled for September 13, 2012.)

Recognizing the continuing value of promoting dialogue about ethical issues in the workplace and their effects on our region, we regret having to postpone this event, but this decision was made in the best interest of our audience and due to circumstances beyond our control.

– Thomas F. Dailey, O.S.F.S.