Green mall project

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

You are probably wondering why the contractors are moving dirt into the mall of the campus.  The answer is fairly simple.  During the excavation for the Gambet Center, it was discovered that the soil was not suitable for the weight of the building.  Dirt was moved from under the footprint of the building and replaced with rocks and stones.  This excessive dirt now needs a new home.  The mall area between Trexler Library and McShea Student Union is very uneven and often presents difficulties for the location of tents or sporting events for the students.  The amount of dirt to be moved will nicely allow for a flat and smooth grass pad to be added to this area of the mall at minimal expense.  So, let us rejoice and be glad.  By the end of the summer, we will have a beautiful, renewed mall.  I thought you would like to know.  – Fr. Bernie O’Connor