The Campus Emergency Alert System (CEALS) will be tested sometime next month – watch the Daily for updates.

“If there is a man-made or natural threat to the community, we would use these modes to pass on life-saving information in real time,” says Director Plaushin: “We hope this will orient the Class of 2016 to CEALS and help put them develop the ‘survival mindset’ Chief Bedics introduced at orientation.”

The distributed exercise message will test emergency communication modes: e2Campus, including ALERTUS, email, SMS, Twitter and Facebook; Dooling Hall’s VISIPLEX (strobes, sign boards, and speakers), the DSU home page flag, Channel 7, and remote control launch of Big Voice.

Fixed and mobile sirens and lights only indicate that a test is in progress. You need take no action during this test. Up to two messages: a TEST activation message and an ALL-CLEAR message.

Address questions to or ext. 1513.

P3’s mission is to identify, close with, and defeat threats to the community while equipping student-citizens to engage public safety issues in the tradition of Christian humanism. P3 is composed of the Emergency Managemnt Office, the Occupational Safety and Helth Office, the University Police, and the Executive Director’s Office.

Mark Plaushin, OSFS Director, P3 or ext. 1740