2014-2015 DSU Committees

Most of the work of the university is done through these committees.  This is a wonderful expression of the collegial nature of the university.

It is essential that all members of the community participate fully in the committee structure.  If you serve on a committee, you are a vital communication link between your committee and the other members of the university community.  Please share your views with conviction at the meetings and report back to the larger community at appropriate moments.

I ask the chairs of the various committees to call the first meeting.  If a committee elects its own chair, I ask the senior administrator to call the first meeting.  Please forward the names of the elected chairs to Mary A. Gotzon at mary.gotzon@desales.edu.

At the first meeting, please review the charge of the committee as enumerated in the Faculty Handbook.  All members of the committee should understand the task and parameters of the committee’s work.

Thank you all for your vital participation in the life of our university.

–  Fr. Bernie O’Connor, OSFS, President

DSUPD Direct Phone Line

DeSales University Police now has a direct phone line. University Police can be reached by dialing 610-282-1002 from you cell phone (or any outside line).

Please program this important number into your cell phones!

DSUPD can also be contacted by dialing Ext. 1250 from any campus phone.

Questions? Contact Chief of Police, Steven Marshall at 610-282-1100 ext. 1837 or steven.marshall@desales.edu

Student Handbook 2014-2015

The Student Handbook contains all policies, rights, and regulations for students at DeSales University and is available in PDF format on the University’s website and MyDSU portal.  As a student at DeSales, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the material in this document.   To access the 2014-2015 Handbook, simply do either of the following:

  • Sign on to “MY DSU” and you may find the handbook under “Forms and Documents.”
  • Go to the www.desales.edu, click on “Campus Life “, then “Student Handbook.”

Any questions about the 2014-2015 Student Handbook should be directed to Linda Zerbe, dean of students, McShea Student Union, ext. 1272.