Campus Ministry Announcements

All Saints Day

Vigil Mass for All Saints Day: 5pm Friday, October 31st at 5pm in Wills Hall Chapel

National Vocation Week

What’s your vocation?

This coming week, November 2-9, the Roman Catholic Church in the United States celebrates National Vocation Week. We all have a specific vocation: married, single, ordained/religious. All of us are called to serve God through the uniqueness of our lives; as Saint Francis de Sales stated: “Be who you are and be it well in order to give honor to the master craftsman whose handiwork we are.”

This week in particular is a good opportunity to set aside some time and prayerfully think about what God is calling us specifically to do with our lives. Additionally, this week we are asked to pray for those men and women being called to the ordained and religious life as priests, brothers, sisters and deacons that they may be strengthened to heed the call and fulfill God’s will.

If you would like more information regarding vocations, please stop by the Campus Ministry Office (McShea) for some FREE materials and don’t hesitate to come talk with Maggie, Fr. Tim and Sister John Marie.