Know any Amazing DeSalesU Alums? Nominate them!

Inviting all Faculty and Staff to Nominate Today for the 2015 Alumni Awards

Nominations due Feb. 28, 2015

Every year we present four Alumni Awards and we need your nominations today! Winners will be announced in spring 2015 and the awards are presented at The Alumni Party the Saturday night of Homecoming.

Alumni Achievement Award – given to an alum whose professional achievements have stretched far beyond campus and inspired individuals along the way.  They display commitment to DeSales, family, community and profession.

Alumni Service Award – recognizes an alum with an extraordinary commitment to service within their own community, family, profession and to DeSales.
Young Alumni Achievement Award – same as Alumni Achievement Award, but graduated within the last 10 years.

Young Alumni Service Award – same as Alumni Service Award, but graduated within the last 10 years.

Submit your nomination by February 28, 2015 at  

Important Dates

Monday, February 23 is last day for credit/audit and pass/fail option changes for traditional day undergrads.

Tuesday, February 24 is deadline for submitting application for May graduation.


Not Sure What to Give up for Lent? How about Reducing Your Carbon Footprint?

Lent’s all about giving up stuff right? Most people opt for chocolate or some other indulgence. Let’s be a little more creative this Lent and think about actions to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Small changes we make will have a positive impact and it’s the right thing to do… be good stewards of the planet’s natural resources.
  • Time the length of a normal shower and try reducing your shower time by half
  • Be aware of which cans are for trash and recycling and try to recycle more
  • Switch off all lights, TV, stereo, computer, etc. when you leave the room
  • Make a mental note of the amount of food remaining on your tray that is wasted and try to reduce it
  • Drink tap water in a reusable water bottle rather than buy bottled water.

Pick a positive behavior that appeals to you and make a commitment, tell a friend or email, it will enhance your motivation to act.


Wellness Fair Registration

Wellness is an important responsibility for all of us. Research shows that five practical lifestyle habits can have a significant impact on our health: not smoking, exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight, eating a healthful diet and getting preventive care.

DeSales cares about your health, your wellness, and like you, is concerned with the cost of health care today. Our worksite wellness program plays an important role in helping us all get on the path to better health, as well as offers an opportunity to gain greater control over health care costs.

I hope you share our enthusiasm for our wellness initiatives and participate in the DeSales University Second Wellness Fair on Tuesday, February 24, 2015, in the DeSales University Center. Events are scheduled from 9-4.

The events are outlined below.  Please register at Please check each session you plan to attend including lunch.  All responses are due by Thursday, February 19.

Events include: [Read more…]