Get your Baked-Goods for Finals Week: Finals Bakery Sale

Finals are approaching, and the struggle is real! DSU Dining is here with a cure: our Finals Bakery Sale! We are offering a variety of delicious house-made desserts including cupcakes and rice krispie treats! Stop by the DUC for an order form today, and use up the rest of your flex before you head out of for the summer! Place orders until Wednesday, May 4.


DUC Lot closed, 4/28

DeSales is hosting a large event in the DUC on the evening of Thursday, April 28, 2016.  The parking lot will be closed at 2PM and will remain so until 8PM. The lot will remain congested until 9PM. Overflow parking will be sent to the front lot of Billera Hall as needed.

Over four hundred attendees are registered.


Why is the “Jesus the Teacher” statue beardless?

Sculptor Ben Fortunado Marcune watches over the installation of Jesus the Teacher,
Sculptor Ben Fortunado Marcune watches over the installation of Jesus the Teacher,

The reaction to the new “Jesus the Teacher” statue on campus has been incredibly positive; it has quickly become a place on campus to gather, to pray, and to reflect.

However, one question has been asked over and over and over: where is his beard?

To find out, we asked the sculptor, Ben Fortunado Marcune. Since the image of Jesus with a beard has become so entrenched in our expectations, Marcune was fully expecting this beardless version to generate some curiosity, and he graciously shared his thoughts:

“I knew inquiries would be made about why the statue of ‘Jesus the Teacher’ is beardless.  The broader subject itself is fascinating: what did Jesus look like?  We do not know the answer.  No one can say whether or not Jesus had a beard, whether he was tall or short, what color his eyes were, or what kind of clothing he wore. But I can give you a synopsis of my thinking about his face, which resulted in the head of Jesus the Teacher.  I did considerable research before completing the face.

“Many paintings and statues of Jesus show him bearded.  This became widespread with Leonardo DaVinci’s ‘Last Supper.’  The depiction of Jesus there bears an unmistakable resemblance to Leonardo’s portrait of Cesare Borgia.  If you compare the two, you cannot miss the likeness, including the beards.  I simply do not believe that the message or meaning of Jesus the Teacher turns on facial hair.  I wanted his face to be fully shown.  See, for example, Michelangelo’s ‘Last Judgment, Christ the Judge.’ This magnificent segment of the Sistine Chapel shows a beardless Christ, young and strong.  That is what I wanted.  DaVinci himself drew a beardless Christ in his wonderful pastel, ‘The Redeemer.’  In fact, there are many beautiful artistic depictions of Christ without a beard.  I have given you two, but there are more all over the world.  Christ should, I believe, resemble all of us.  He should not be an idealized Greco-Roman prototype.” 

The Redeemer (Leonardo da Vinci) Head of Christ
Mary and Christ detail from The Last Judgment (Michelangelo)

Seeking Volunteers for the Parade of Flags at Commencement

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary we will be having a Parade of Flags at May Commencement that represents all of our graduating classes.  We have several alumni coming out to join us and some staff.  Even if you are not an alum, but would like to be a part of the 50th Anniversary celebration and lead the graduation procession you’re welcome to join us. 

Information for the day:

  • Saturday, May 21, 2016
  • 10:00AM – All flag bearers will meet at Trexler Library
  • 11:00AM – Graduation procession begins
  • 11:30AM – Luncheon for all Parade of Flag volunteers in the DeSales University Center 

If you are interested in joining us contact or 610-282-1100 ext. 2124


It’s National Walk at Lunch Day Tomorrow

Tomorrow is National Walk at Lunch Day!

Dottie Antolick and Ann M. Koefer M.Ed., have been walking together at lunch for many years.
Dottie Antolick and Ann M. Koefer M.Ed., have been walking together at lunch for many years.

These ladies are DSU’s veteran walkers who keep the pace during  lunch.  When the weather permits, they can be spotted on the campus trails, however even the wind and snow do not deter these scrappy-striders as they head to Billera and log those miles within the warm walls.

“I began walking when the campus was known as  Allentown College of St Francis de Sales. Given the opportunity to take short walks most week days fits easily into my schedule. I believe the benefit of even a short walk makes me a healthier person. The greatest gift from walking all these years… is the true friendship that developed between Ann and I, over those many miles!” –  Dottie Antolick, ACCESS Program, Database Coordinator 

“When people ask me if I like working at DeSales I always tell them how valuable our community is:  the library, chapel, theatre and gym are just a few of the places I have enjoyed during my years here at DeSales.  All of them play a role in my life here. Walking at lunch is just another advantage of the truly wonderful place this University is!” – Ann M. Koefer M.Ed., Director of the Academic Resource Center


Relay For Life Wrap-Up: Oh, What a Night!

YouTube Preview Image

On behalf of Colleges Against Cancer and the American Cancer Society, we would like to thank everyone that took part in making this event possible. Successfully, DeSales met ALL their goals with 28 teams, 410 participants, and almost $29,000! DeSales University is also officially an ACS CAN Event with 47 ACS CAN members! 

This success was only possible due to the hard work, passion, dedication, love, kindness, humility, and gentleness of the DeSales University students, faculty, staff, alumni, family & friends! 

And we are not finished fundraising yet! 

Join us at Inside Scoop on Thursday, 4/28 from 5-9PM and for breakfast at Applebee’s on Saturday, 4/30 from 8-10AM for to continue celebrating our achievements!