Spring 2017 Course on Evolution with Spring Break Trip to Galapagos Islands

Scientists have named almost 2 million species. We know there are many more currently living and many, many more that once lived but are now extinct. Evolution explores how these many species came about, what caused them to be different from each other, and how they came to be so good at what they do. BI 280 is an upper level biology course on evolution. It includes an optional one-week trip to the Galapagos Islands; one of the most significant places that Darwin visited that stimulated his thinking and led to his theories about evolution.

The prerequisite for BI 280 is Introductory Biology, BI 151. If you are thinking about taking BI 280, you should have taken or should take BI 151 this semester. The drop/add period ends September 1.

Questions? Joseph.Colosi@desales.edu