Warning! Be Aware of Purchase Order Fraud

DeSales Community –

Several universities are noting an uptick in Purchase Order Scams. These scams occur a couple of ways:

One, where prominent university suppliers are receiving bogus purchase orders (POs) with the University crest or logo from an attacker, placing the order to locate/procure, and then being asked to ship the goods to alternate locations when the merchandise arrives. Be aware that you may be placed in the chain of approving the bogus PO request at some point by the attacker or supplier company.

The second is where fake POs are being sent inbound to the University with slightly altered and registered domains (email address or website) or links for payment that are NOT the actual vendor site. This would be something like “amazon.de” rather than “amazon.com” or “desalesu.com” instead of “desales.edu.” Be very wary of appropriate contact methods and personnel in completion of purchase orders and payments. When in doubt, contact a known person at the company via phone.

Questions? Patricia.Clay@desales.edu