DEIT Blackboard course makeovers!

Introducing the DEIT Modest Course Makeover program. This is an opt-in program where you the instructor give permission to DEIT to make a copy of a Blackboard course so DEIT can attempt to improve its look and feel. You remain in control. It is up to you to decide which, if any, of the changes to keep. This is a perfect opportunity for great teachers that don’t have the time or inclination to mess around with fonts, graphic design, and the intricacies of Blackboard.

Take the time to connect with the DEIT team and see how your course can be made more accessible and engaging for students. Let our instructional designers be your course’s interior decorators!

From simple visual renovations (text formatting, content realignment, banner/image creation and placement, etc.) to integrating the Grade Center, Due Dates, and Calendar set up, the DEIT remodeling crew will work with you to make a good course even better!

To cap off the process, you’ll revisit with the DEIT staff to review the suggested revisions and edits, and then it’s all up to you: do you love the new course and keep it, or do you want to tweak it?

What are you waiting for? Take a crack at swinging that Blackboard hammer and renovate some content folders; DEIT is here to help with the heavy-lifting!

Sign up here or contact DEIT at 610.282.1100, x2290, or