University Holiday Spending Policies

This message serves as a reminder of the University’s Business and Travel Expense Policy:

The President’s Office annually budgets for the Christmas party, the DSU BBQ, and the Service Excellence Dinner. Personal expenses incurred for specific academic department recognition programs are not reimbursable unless prior approval has been granted by the Treasurer’s Office.

The following items are considered personal in nature and should not be paid with University funds:

  • Gifts related to birthdays, births, weddings, promotions, congratulations, etc.
  • Holiday luncheons, party trays, gifts, floral arrangements (non-sympathy), decorations, etc.
  • Gifts and gift cards for co-workers, student workers, interns or other departments

Use of budget funds for the printing of Holiday cards to send to other University departments is not permitted; the President’s Office sends the official Holiday cards of the University.

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