DSU Rome Application Due 2/15


Imagine waking up in Rome, walking the tree-lined streets of your Roman neighborhood where you grab an authentic cappuccino on your way to the Colosseum. In the afternoon, you climb the steps to the top of the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, where you catch a spectacular view of the city and of the distant Colli Albani hills. Catching the Metro, you speed uptown to Piazza Bologna for your Italian class in a charming Roman palazzo. After class, you and your friends have dinner “al fresco” at your favorite local pizzeria and then take a leisurely walk along the River Tiber.

As a student at DeSales University, you have the unique opportunity to study abroad in Rome for the same cost as a semester at DeSales. Your financial aid will transfer over to the Rome program to cover housing and tuition for the program.

Apply online here.

Applications are due on February 15 for the DeSales University in Rome program for the fall 2018 semester. Here are this year’s highlights:

  • Students will be able to complete their foreign language/world culture, HUM III, HUM IV, and Values Seminar Requirements
  • Internship spaces are available within Vatican offices
  • Students live in apartments in the Trastevere section of Rome
  • No class on Fridays and a 10-day fall break!
  • Professor Jennifer Moore will be the faculty member in-residence.

To see what past participants have to say about study abroad please check out this video.

Questions? brian.macdonald@desales.edu