Dining Daily

 Menu for Thursday, 3/1/2018


  • Chicken Rice
  • Vegetable


  • Salad: Sage Roasted Chicken Salad
  • Bistro: Corn Flake Encrusted Cod Sandwich, Open Faced Roast Turkey Sandwich with Gravy, Curried Tofu, Jasmine Rice, Garlic Rosemary Parmesan Fries, Summer Squash, Steamed Broccoli
  • Deli Special: California Smoked Turkey & Aioli on Naan
  • Grill Special: Chicken Parmesan Bar


  • Sauté: Global Chef: Chef Sergei Annaev will join us all the way from Russia to share his local cuisines! Make sure you stop by and welcome him!
  • Bistro: Salisbury Steak, Rosemary Orange Chicken Breast, Fettuccini Alfredo, Vegan Pasta Bake with Marinara, Steamed Corn, Green Beans, Yellow Rice

*Some menu items are subject to change [Read more…]

Congratulations to this Year’s Service Excellence Award Winners and All Those Celebrating Service Anniversaries

It is a long-standing tradition of our University to publicly acknowledge the staff who have contributed to our success. Each spring we hold the Service Excellence Dinner, where staff members who are celebrating milestone work anniversaries are recognized. It is also an opportunity for us to thank them for sharing their gifts with the DeSales community. And, as a welcome to the University, we invite new hires and their guests, too. This year’s dinner will be held on Monday, April 30.

One of the highlights of the evening is the presentation of two awards: Mark Siegfried, Telecommunications Team Lead, was selected as the Support Staff Employee of the Year, and Melissa Lenhart-Young, Associate Registrar, was selected as the Professional Staff Employee of the Year. I ask that you extend congratulations to Mark and Melissa for earning these distinctions and thank them for the valuable contributions they have made to the University over the years.

In addition to the Support Staff and Professional Staff employees of the year mentioned above, the following employees are celebrating service anniversaries: [Read more…]

Spartan Race Tickets in Online Auction to Support Exercise is Medicine Club

DeSales University’s Exercise is Medicine Club is auctioning off 3 Spartan Race Packages. This will be held via Facebook starting Monday, Febuary 26 at 8 a.m. and ending Friday, March 2 at 8 p.m. Please like/ follow our Facebook page (desales exercise is medicine) to find out more information and to participate in this auction. Each package will include 2-3 100% Spartan Race Vouchers along with other themed items. Participate in this auction for a chance to do a Spartan Race with your friends! The packages include the following:

Gatorade Package: 3-100% Spartan Race Vouchers, 3 Gatorade Sports Drinks, 3 Gatorade Power Bars, and 3 Gatorade Energy Chews
Pump and Run Package: 2-100% Spartan Race Vouchers, 1 set of rotating push-up handles, and 1 power resistance band
Sweat Package: 2-100% Spartan Race Vouchers, 2 Sweat Bands, and 2 Reusable Water Bottles

Questions or for more information? kr5735@desales.edu or Rebecca.kudrna@desales.edu