Spartan Race Tickets in Online Auction to Support Exercise is Medicine Club

DeSales University’s Exercise is Medicine Club is auctioning off 3 Spartan Race Packages. This will be held via Facebook starting Monday, Febuary 26 at 8 a.m. and ending Friday, March 2 at 8 p.m. Please like/ follow our Facebook page (desales exercise is medicine) to find out more information and to participate in this auction. Each package will include 2-3 100% Spartan Race Vouchers along with other themed items. Participate in this auction for a chance to do a Spartan Race with your friends! The packages include the following:

Gatorade Package: 3-100% Spartan Race Vouchers, 3 Gatorade Sports Drinks, 3 Gatorade Power Bars, and 3 Gatorade Energy Chews
Pump and Run Package: 2-100% Spartan Race Vouchers, 1 set of rotating push-up handles, and 1 power resistance band
Sweat Package: 2-100% Spartan Race Vouchers, 2 Sweat Bands, and 2 Reusable Water Bottles

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