Faculty/Staff Reminder: The DeSales Fund

Thank you to everyone who has already made your gift to The DeSales Fund. If you haven’t already done so, just a quick reminder that we are approaching the end of not only the academic year but also the fiscal year.

We appreciate the support our faculty and staff give to The DeSales Fund and hope you will consider a gift before the end of the fiscal year which is June 30, 2018. As a reminder, gifts to The DeSales Fund go to scholarship/financial aid for our students.

You can submit a payroll deduction form to make your gift, or you can go right to our Make a Gift giving page online at desales.edu/makeagift.

Thank you for your consideration.

Questions? Lina.Barbieri@desales.edu

Father Greenfield Day, 4/30

In celebration of Earth Day and Father Greenfield’s Inauguration, SGA will host Father Greenfield Day on Monday, April 30. There will be free snacks, free raffle prizes, flower seed give-away, eco-activities, and more! We will also collect plastic bags for Jaime Gerhart’s (CSSJ) plarning project!

Father Greenfield will be present to draw the raffles and host a tree ceremony! Check the flyers on campus for more details.

Questions? mz5676@desales.edu

Academic Convocation, 4/29

Academic Convocation, a celebration of academic achievement, will be held this Sunday, April 29 at 1:00 p.m. in the DUC.

Sunday Mass will be held at 11 a.m. in Connelly Chapel. All are welcome to attend.

Questions? Tom.McNamara@desales.edu

Weekly Safety Tip – Safe Lifting

Musculoskeletal Disorders – Safe Lifting

Before you lift something, ask yourself these questions:

    • How heavy is the load?
    •  Will it be awkward to control?
    • Should I ask for help?
    • Can it be moved mechanically with available equipment?
    • Is it in an accessible position?
    • Does it have sharp edges?
    • Will it be slippery or awkward to lift?
    • Do I need gloves or other protection?
    • Is the new location accessible and ready to accept the item?
    • Is my pathway clear?
    • Will I be able to see where I am going?
    • Is there a safe way to grip the load?

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