DSU BBQ Winners

The BBQ Planning Task Force would like to thank everyone who participated in the Employee Appreciation Day activities! The weather was perfect and it was a great day!

BBQ Winners are listed below:

Way Back Wednesday T-Shirt Contest Winners:
Kohl’s Gift Card-  Scott Mattingly (12 T-Shirts)
Paws Bucks – Alice Begley (11 T-Shirts)
Subway Gift Card – Liz Swigart  (11 T-Shirts)

$25 Amazon Gift Card – Chris Meyers [Read more…]

Tomorrow: Hurd Science Center Power Shutdown

The Maintenance Department will be shutting the power off to the Hurd Science Center on Saturday, May 26 from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. due to electrical preventative maintenance on the Hi-voltage gear in the building.

Questions? Contact Jim Molchany at ext.1644 or jim.molchany@desales.edu.

Weekly Safety Tip: Preventing Common Hand Injuries

Common injuries and their causes:
Fingers and hands are injured more than any other part of the body. Many times these injuries occur due to lack of an understanding of the hazards that exist or lack of Personal Protective Equipment.

Personal protective equipment (PPE): PPE is designed to guard against any risk present in the workplace. This can be things like molten metal, falling debris, electric shock, etc. Injuries occur when employees choose not to wear designated Personal Protective Equipment or use the wrong type of equipment.

Important pointers on how to avoid common injuries: [Read more…]

Faith & Reason Honors Thesis Award

The Salesian Center for Faith & Culture is proud to announce the 2018 best honors thesis award was presented to Erik Cudo by Rev. James Greenfield during the Honors Colloquium in April. Erik graduated on May 19 after completing his undergraduate degree in biology with minors in chemistry and music. Erik will be pursuing a career with Allied Services – John Heinz Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine. Other members of the Faith & Reason Honors 2018 class were: Kayla Alderfer, Alexander Bondi, Dylan Bortz, Hannah Popp, Matthew Reeder, Jake Stoudt, and Matthew Trovato. The 2018 class papers have been published online here.

We wish them all the best of luck!

Questions? Lore.McFadden@desales.edu