Spam: Unsolicited Email or Junk Mail

Spammers send two major types of spam:

  • Email trying to sell you something:
    “Lose up to 82% of your unwanted body fat with X”
  • Email trying to get information from you (i.e. phishing emails):
    “Your email account is about to be deactivated! Respond with your password to continue.”

NOTE: DeSales IT staff, including the helpdesk, will NEVER ask for your password or other confidential information (e.g. birth date, social security number, address) through an email message. Forward the messages to and then delete them without opening them.

Like most organizations, we have email filters blocking most of the junk email sent to the domain. However, spammers and filter providers constantly battle to get the upperhand. Often junk mail gets through the filters before the filter providers block it.

Junk mail is a winning business!

Spammers send junk mail with little or no cost to them so if just one person responds, the spammer is ahead.

Tip: To avoid phishing scams, do not click a link in an email, but type the address instead. If an email is sending you to PayPal, type in your browser window instead of clicking the link.

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