Faculty: Important Classroom Technology Changes

Due to the end of support for Microsoft Windows 7, the IT Department has begun to rollout Windows 10 on all new computer deployments beginning this summer.  That means some classrooms will have the same setup that you are used to while others will now have the new-look of Windows 10.  The Windows 10 computers will be primarily (but not exclusively) installed in the classrooms in Dooling Hall and Campbell.

We encourage all faculty members regardless of changes, to visit and test the classroom technology at least once prior to the beginning of your first class. That way, you can become familiar with the technology in each location that you teach. If you logon to a computer for the first time, a new Profile will be created, so it may be advantageous to complete this ahead of time.

As we go through the first Academic year using Windows 10 in the classroom we will work to determine a configuration that makes sense for most instructors.  With that in mind, if you have general configuration suggestions that you would like to be implemented, please see my email address below, and I would love to hear them.  For example, all of the Microsoft Office programs are currently under the Start menu and we would like to find out where instructors would find them most useful.

Finally, we encourage all Faculty members to Log Off the PC when they are finished – but not Restart or Shutdown. That way, the PC will be in the ideal state for the next person to teach.

Questions? Please contact Paul Benner at x1231 or Paul.Benner@desales.edu.