Dining Daily: Happy First Day of Classes!


Happy first day of classes DeSales! New year-new lunch options…

Make sure you check out the new and improved Pulse Cafe with made to order salads, sandwiches, and quesadillas! 

Menu items include Caprese Panini, Turkey Avocado BLT, Build Your Own Salads, & more!

Menu for Wednesday, August 22


  • Chicken Noodle
  • Cream of Sweet Potato
  • Cream of Vegetable Noodle


  • Salad: Honey Crisp Apple
  • Bistro: Beer Battered Cod Sandwich, Honey Mustard Chicken Wrap, Rice, Vegetables

Gambet Lunch Special

  • Burrito Bar


  • Sauté: Omelet Bar
  • Bistro: Sautéed Chicken with Creamy Chive Sauce, Creamy Cilantro Catfish, Spinach Strudel, Tofu Curry, Potato Wedges, Rice, Vegetables

Upcoming Events:

  • August 22- Welcome Back Event with Dietitian Susan Hurd 11-1:30 @ DUC
  • August 23- Welcome Back Throwback Dinner 4:30-7:30 @ DUC
  • August 28- Steak Elite Night 4:30-7:30 @ DUC

Special Announcements: 

  • Click here for meal plan information!
    • Don’t have a meal plan? Load Paw Bucks here
  • Join the fight against Styrofoam waste with our Eco-Container program-ask about it at the register!

Questions? Abigail.Heydlauf@desales.edu