Next Week: Public Lecture: “A Whitewashed Tomb: Should Catholic Hypocrisy Undermine Faith?”

On Thursday, September 20, Dr. Joshua Schulz will give a public lecture: “A Whitewashed Tomb: Should Catholic Hypocrisy Undermine Faith?”

The lecture will take place in the Trexler Room in the DUC from 4:30-6. A question and answer period will follow.

Religious hypocrisy–the sort presently on display in the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report indicting the Catholic Church of a massive cover-up of decades of sexual abuse–often causes people to lose their faith. Should it? Dr. Schulz will examine two arguments claiming hypocrisy should undermine religious faith. The first is called an Argument to Absurdity, which contends that hypocrisy is defeasible evidence of the irrationality of a doctrine or practice. The second is called an Argument from Betrayal. This argument holds that institutional hypocrisy confronts believers with a tragic dilemma: hypocrisy requires us to sacrifice either our humanity (to remain loyal to an institution) or our identity (by abandoning our faith). Only the latter is a moral option. Dr. Schulz will end by evaluating the philosophical cogency of these arguments.

This lecture is the first lecture in the 2nd Annual Philosophy and Theology Department Lecture Series.