Winter Minimester Courses For Traditional Day Students

A Winter Minimester will be offered through the ACCESS Program from December 23 through January 12

These are three-week, totally online courses. The cost to register is $1464 per three-credit course ($488 per credit). Costs for these Winter Minimester courses are NOT part of the regular full-time day semester tuition plan. Visit us on WebAdvisor under 2019 Winter ACCESS. Deadline to register for these courses is December 19, 2018.

The following courses will be available during the 2018-2019 Wintermester:

  • CJ109   Crime and Society: MOT/Social Science
  • CS105  Introduction to Computer Applications
  • CS475  Ethics and Technology: Values Seminar
  • ED313  Literature for Children and Youth: Humanities IV
  • EN104  Composition and Rhetoric II
  • EN110  Introduction to Poetry
  • EN250  American Romanticism: Humanities IV
  • FA334  Classical, Gothic and Renaissance Art: Humanities III
  • FA370  Music of the Modern Era: Humanities III
  • HI202   Western Civilization since 1600 A.D.: Humanities II
  • HI213   American Civilization I: Humanities I
  • MG100 Introduction to Business
  • MK201 Principles of Marketing
  • PL109  Philosophical Thinking: MOT/Philosophy
  • PO302 Democracy in America: Humanities IV
  • PS109  Introduction to Psychology: MOT/Social Science
  • PS240  Human Development
  • SO109  Introduction to Sociology
  • TH109  Catholic Theology
  • TH262  Medicine and Morality