Dining Daily: Easter Bake Sale Going On Now!

The first ever Easter Bake Sale is happening now! Bring home special goodies for your holiday! Order forms can be found at the registers, and payment (flex, paw bucks, cash, & credit) is due to the DUC by this Friday, April 12!

Menu for Tuesday, April 9:


  • Salad: Classic Fried Chicken Salad
  • Bistro: Herb Grilled Eggplant, Long Grain and Wild Rice, Parsley Glazed Carrots, Steamed Vegetable Medley, Angus Reuben
  • Grill: Burrito Bar

Gambet Lunch Special

  • Blush Pasta Bake
  • Walking Taco


  • Sauté: Noodle Bowl
  • Bistro:  Cheese Ravioli w/ Bolognese Sauce, Mashed Potatoes, Gingered Snow Peas & Yellowed Squash, Home-style Meatloaf, Mustard Fried Catfish, Steamed Cauliflower , Steamed Jasmine Rice

Coming Up:

  • Easter Bake Sale going on now
  • Steak Elite Night – April 16
  • Easter Break – April 19-22
  • Earth Day Menu – April 23