Next Month: LVAIC Access & Affordability Event—Flipping the Conversation

To commemorate 50 years of collaboration, the LVAIC is launching a year-long learning series for our campuses.  As a community, we will explore key topics relating to the shifting landscape of higher education.  This program combines speaker events, study groups, and workshops to promote understanding of the impact of this changing environment.  Navigating these opportunities together will prepare us for active participation in meeting these challenges on our campuses.

The third event in this series, held on Thursday, May 30 at Muhlenberg College, will be focusing on Access & Affordability: Flipping the Conversation. Exploring what it will take to attract, enroll, and graduate the students of tomorrow. Moving from asking “Are students ready for our campus?” to asking “Is our campus ready for students?”


Note: LVAIC Digital Tools for Teaching & Learning at DeSales University May 23, 2019

Note:  LVAIC Exploring Campus Economics: What’s My Role? at DeSales University August 15, 2019