PSF’s Young Company Shakespeare Project Much Ado About Nothing

All members of the DSU campus community are invited to attend this year’s Young Company Shakespeare Project which will be a presentation of Much Ado About Nothing directed by DSU alumnus Matt Pfeiffer. The cast includes current DSU students Taylor Congdon, Kailey Edwards, Megan Fry, Angela LaRose, Iykechi McCoy, Jayce Meredith, Gabe Moses, Mackenzie Moyer, Alyssa Ramsey, Matt Smaldone, Jhalil Younger, and Mark Yowakim. The project is stage managed by current student Megan Pomposello.

There will be two presentations in the Schubert Theatre on Tuesday, July 16 at 10AM and on Thursday, July 18 at 5PM.

No RSVP is required, and the presentations are not ticketed. Join us and support the work of PSF’s Young Company!

A few notes about the Young Company Shakespeare Project: This is a project rather than a production, meaning the Young Company put actors’ work into it focused on learning to master the text itself, understanding it, speaking it, and working to capture the myriad and nuanced elements of its content.  The text is the spring from which all good Shakespearean-things flow.  This is not a production.  It does not have its own scenic/costume/props/lighting/sound support.  Each year, depending on how heavily cast the Young Company is in the rest of the season, they may have more or less time to work on it.  It is an exercise designed to allow the Young Company to tackle roles in Shakespeare as actors and present the play several times for a live, invited audience.