Welcome Back Fundraisers for Student Nurses’ Association (SNA)

To kick off the school year, Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) will be promoting two fundraisers – the Standris equipment sale and the Clinical Scrub Jacket sale. Both fundraisers will last from Tuesday, August 20 to Tuesday, September 3.

In addition to stethoscopes, the Standris sale offers clipboards, blood pressure cuffs, penlights, and more! They offer a variety of clipboards that are foldable and contain vital sign ranges, lab values, and drug calculation info! Below are the Standris equipment forms:

The Clinical Scrub Jacket sale is back! This is the only jacket appropriate to wear during clinical over your scrub top. It comes in a wine color in both men’s and women’s sizes. Below is the Scrub Jacket order form:

SNA’s first Fall meeting will take place on Monday, August 26 at 4PM in Gambet 153! This meeting will have a mentor/protege focus, so if you are interested in the SNA mentoring program, please come 🙂

Both mentor and protege applications are due to Prexnie Legrand (pl0860@desales.edu) by Tuesday, September 3. Food and raffles will be provided.

Below are SNA Fall meeting dates and both the Mentor and Protege applications: