Next Week: Natural Science Seminar Series—“Careers in the FBI”

Have you ever wondered about a career in the FBI?  Do you think it’s a job that may be beyond your reach? Come to the Natural Science Seminar Series and find out about opportunities within the FBI.

“Careers in the FBI”
Friday, November 15 at 3PM
Hurd Auditorium

Special Agent Jeff Calandra, Special Agent Corey Coleman, and Staff Operations Specialist Brooke Newton will share their experiences working for the FBI.  Listen as they speak about the only Electronic Detection K9 in the world as well as Hazardous Material Deployments.  Learn about how their background and training relates to their positions in the FBI.  Ask questions and find out more about how degrees in science can lead to a rewarding career that just may be within your reach.

All are welcome to attend.