Submission Guidelines

The DeSales Daily is updated Monday through Thursday during the Fall and Spring semesters, and as-needed on Fridays and during the semester breaks.  All members of the DeSales community are encouraged to submit their DeSales related announcements.

Submission guidelines:

  • All items must be submitted via e-mail to by 2:30 p.m. on the day prior to publication (note: Friday’s submissions will appear on Monday). Please do not submit any items earlier than one week prior to publishing date. 
  • All submissions must be made from an e-mail address. Submissions from any other provider will not be published.
  • Announcements will not be repeated more than twice — one initial post and one reminder (the day of the event, the deadline, etc.).
  • Only University-approved fundraising events will be posted. Not sure? Contact or
  • Please send the text in the body of the e-mail (not PDF or Microsoft Word).
  • Keep it short and sweet: 200 word maximum. You are highly encouraged to include links to more complete information on your web pages.
  • Attachments and/or graphics will be published at the discretion of the editors. Photos must be the original file or image URL. (We can not copy graphics out of Microsoft Word or PDF files.)
  • Dates should NOT include “th” or “nd” – December 24 NOT December 24th.
  • Times should be 4AM, 4:30PM etc. (this prevents funny breaks on some browsers)
  • The communications department reserves the right to edit any submissions to conform to University publishing and editing guidelines.
  • When submitting event notifications, be sure to include the “who,” “what,” “where,” “when,” and “why,” and whom to contact for more info.
  • Employee retirement acknowledgments and celebrations may be posted in the Daily. However, celebrations or acknowledgments for employees who are leaving DeSales to work somewhere else are only permitted if there is a farewell event.
  • ALL submissions are considered “high priority ”  —  no need to flag them as such.
  • By submitting announcements for distribution, senders acknowledge that they have reviewed — and that their messages conform to — the University policies on Solicitation, E-mail, and the Internet Code of Conduct.