Character U Keynote: Tim Rader ’96, 4/4

Character U will host the last keynote of the semester, DeSales University Alumni, Tim Rader ’96 on Wednesday, April 4 at 3:00pm in the Commonwealth Room in the DUC.

Tim Rader was born and raised in rural Northeastern Pennsylvania and graduated from Cardinal Brennan High School and DeSales University with a Bachelor’s degree in human services.  Says Tim “As a teenager, I had everything at my fingertips. I was doing well in school and had been hoping to play college football. I was going places. A bout with cancer my senior year changed all of that.  I wondered how I´d gone from being a starting quarterback and cancer survivor to a homeless drug addict.  I hit bottom years afterwards and made the decision to turn my life around. It´s been a hard road, but I now live drug free. I will battle addiction for the rest of my life.”


DeSales University Sweeps 2012 Ethics Bowl Competition

The Division of Business congratulates the winning teams from the March 29 Ethics Bowl Competition.

DeSales University

  • 1st Place: Matt Powell, Bill Schmoyer, Mary Bielski and Brennan Gmeiner
  • 2nd Place: Steven Iacocca, Andrew Ritter, Ethan Robles and Kelcie Walter
  • 3rd Place: Nathan Kumar, Dilesh Chudasama and Padraic Farrell

Muhlenberg College

  • 4th Place: Allison Giordano, Stephanie Klemperer and Emily Wolff

The Fleming Ethics Bowl Competition brings together the leaders of today and the leaders of tomorrow in a way that unites, enriches, and challenges.  Some of the best and brightest students across the Lehigh Valley came to compete in a unique ethical case addressing issues in a variety of business disciplines.  The competition thrives and grows each year attracting more of the best students from prestigious business programs across the Lehigh Valley.

Let’s join together in recognizing this year’s winners.

Contact Dr. Sue McGorry at if you have any questions.

P3 progress on the occupational safety and health front; initiatives are working

The Occupational Safety & Health Coordinator, Jeff LaGamba, is an integral and often unpublicized part of the Directorate for Public Safety, Security & Health (P3). Over the past several years, DeSales University has been making an increased effort to focus on safety in order to prevent and reduce accidents. Our efforts are paying off! Our employee accident rate is at an all time low. There have not been any OSHA recordable accidents in 5 months. An OSHA recordable accident is any accident that requires more than first-aid, or results in lost time away from work. The trend downward on accident rate and severity started in November 2011. It is the result of many contributing factors: [Read more…]

DSU Alum and Career-Path participant job shadows in the ACCESS office

DSU Alumni and Career Path participant, Nadia Santiago, explored the various responsibilities while shadowing Administrative Assistant Marie Peterson. Nadia recognized the tremendous value and importance of networking with prospective employers in the midst of her career goals within the field of Business Management. Observing the vast array of responsibilities and assisting in the ACCESS Program afforded Nadia the chance to demonstrate her business management knowledge and skills.

Nadia’s L.I.C. Coach Theresa McCormack expressed to Dean Deborah Booros, “This experience afforded Nadia a chance to demonstrate how her disability, cerebral palsy, does not define her, or does it limit her personal or professional life. She acknowledges that living with this disability has empowered her to live fully, confidently and independently.


Conmy & Tocik Internet Interruption

In order to make preparations for network enhancements in the residence halls, we will be performing changes to the Resnet network and will need to temporarily disable connectivity in Conmy and Tocik Halls.  From the hours of 10 a.m until approximately noon on Tuesday, April 3 and Wednesday, April 4 , you will experience intermittent loss.  Please bear with us as we work to bring you new technology and wireless services to campus.  Thank you for your understanding.

Any questions or concerns, please contact Mark Siegfried in Telecommunications:

Retirement Savings Plan Reminder!

Did you know that giving up those daily takeout lunches can really add up? Instead of lunch, put that money to good use! By contributing $50 a month – that’s less than $2 a day – to the retirement savings plan sponsored by DeSales University, you could end up with over $75,000* when you retire!

Contact the HR department for more information.

*This hypothetical illustration does not represent an investment in any particular investment option. It assumes an 8 percent annual return compounded monthly over 30 years and a $100 starting balance. Your returns may be more or less depending on market fluctuations.


Requests for students to stay in residence over Easter Break

This is a reminder that Easter Break is soon approaching. This is a well-deserved break and a time for students to celebrate the holiday with their family and friends. On Thursday, April 5, all residence halls will shut down at 6 p.m. for the break and will not reopen until 2 p.m. on Monday the 9.

Everyone living in the residence halls will be required to leave. The only exceptions made will be for those students who are required to stay by faculty and/or staff members for University-sanctioned events or full time/day undergraduate academic responsibilities.

Faculty and staff, If you are requiring students to stay over the break … [Read more…]