Act 1 Offers a Fresh New Take on a Holiday Classic!

The Christmas season is fast approaching. We always look forward to our holiday-themed December production. The semester is coming to a close and the holiday show sparks thoughts of the holiday break and time with family and friends.

Four years ago, we offered a new spin on the Dickens’ classic with our production of The Trial of Ebenezer Scrooge. We were pleasantly surprised by how well that production was received. People were definitely looking for a new approach to the traditional story of transformation and rebirth.

Well this year, we’re so pleased to offer A Christmas Carol told in a new theatrical way.

Featuring a troupe of travelling actors who undertake all of the roles, this version – a circus-like world of movement, music, and hilarity – is sure to delight. Wayne Turney starred as Scrooge himself in a production of this version a few years back and he’s at the helm as director this time around introducing it to a new generation of actors.

Order your tickets now.

I hope you’ll join us to see Scrooge as you’ve never seen him presented before!

John Bell, Division Head
Performing Arts

United Way Campaign is coming to a close

Our United Way Campaign is coming to a close; Father O’Connor pointed out the needs in our local community in his message. Each full-time employee is asked to consider making a contribution, via the link provided.

We want to surpass last year’s 52% participation rate, you can help us do that by making a donation or pledge today!

Click here to make a pledge.

Thank you in advance for your willingness to help in this worthwhile local community cause. If you would prefer a paper form for your contribution or if you have any questions about the United Way Campaign please call Deacon George Kelly @ ext. 1259.

This year’s recipient of the DeSales Medal is Mr. Robert Breslin

Each year at the November meeting, the Board of Trustees select a recipient for the DeSales Medal, which is conferred during the January commencement ceremony.

The DeSales Medal is the highest non-academic award given by the University. It honors a person whose life embodies the principles so dear to the hearts of Francis de Sales and Jane de Chantal.

We are fortunate to have many members of our University community who live in ways that transcend the limits of our worldliness. Their humility, gentleness, and charity point to a source of love more profound than is common in our ordinary lives. It is important to name and honor them.

This year’s recipient of the DeSales Medal is Mr. Robert Breslin.

Mr. Robert Breslin is a founder and CEO of Breslin Ridyard Fadero Architects of Allentown, PA.  Breslin Ridyard Fadero Architects is a 25-person firm of architects and supporting staff. Over a nearly 44- year history, the firm has established a reputation for producing cost effective and creative public architecture.  DeSales University is blessed to have five major buildings created by the firm:  the Labuda Center for the Performing Arts, the Trexler Library, the Priscilla Payne Hurd Science Center, and the DeSales University Center.  Each building gracefully fits with the natural beauty and expanse of the valley.  The entire Breslin family has been ardent supporters of the academic and cultural life of DeSales University. We are pleased to offer our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Robert Breslin for his gifts of beauty.

Please extend to Mr. Bob Breslin your individual congratulations and best wishes.

Thanksgiving holiday break residence request deadline today

The Thanksgiving Holiday Break is soon approaching. This is a well deserved break for all of our students who have been working so diligently this semester on their academics as well as the vast number of extracurricular projects in which they are involved. On Wednesday, November 24th, all residence halls will shut down at 6PM for the break and will not reopen until 2PM on Sunday the 28th.

Please be advised that there are VERY LIMITED services available for traditional undergraduate day students during this time. That means dining services will be closed, the residence halls will have no on-call or security staff. Because there are no support services available for these students, everyone living in the residence halls will be required to leave. There are only exceptions made for those students required to stay by faculty and/or staff members that must be here for University sanctioned events and full time/day undergraduate academic responsibilities.

Please remember that if you are requiring students to stay over this break, there are some steps that must be followed. Also, as the faculty/staff person requiring students to stay over this break, you will be responsible for providing an emergency contact number for these students while they are on campus since the residence halls will be officially closed.

New this year:
I have worked with several other offices on campus to streamline the application process to eliminate some unnecessary steps for faculty and staff. If you require any of your students to remain on campus over the break, you are asked to contact as soon as possible. Please include whatever name you might use for your Google Account as we have begun to utilize Google Docs for this process. If you do not have one, you can create one for free by following the link below. Instructions on how to complete the requests will be sent as soon as you respond.

All requests must be posted online by 4PM on Friday November 19th. Requests posted later than this date cannot be guaranteed approval.

Thank you for helping to make this process smoother for our students; and please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

Questions about this announcement may be directed to John P. Kelliher at .

Seeking Character U advisor nominations

Student Development is starting to plan for the 2011-2012 academic year.  If anyone is interested in becoming an advisor for our Character U program please contact or extension 1599.  I would be happy to discuss any questions or concerns.

We are also looking for nominations of students to serve as mentors.  If you know a current student who you believe would be a great mentor, please nominate them.

The job description abstract is below:

Character U is a resource for first-year students at DeSales University to help facilitate their transition from high school to college. The program integrates the spiritual teachings of St. Francis de Sales with current research in character development and guided experiences. Upper class students serve as peer mentors who contact the first year students in the summer and journey with them through the academic year.

University Parking Lot Congestion on Nov. 19, 2010

DeSales University is hosting a large event for the St. Luke’s Health Network in the DeSales University Center on Friday, November 19, 2010.  The event is scheduled from 7:00 am until 4:00 pm.

Two hundred eighty attendees are registered.

We expect the University Center parking lot to be completely full by 9:00AM.  The University Center parking lot will have very limited parking available from 7:00 am through 4:00 pm.

University faculty, staff, and students should consider parking in other lots on Friday, November 19, 2010.