LVCIL and Career Path Program Visit

DSU Alum Nadia Santiago and LVCIL Career Path Program Coach Theresa McCormack along, with 4 vocational counselors, visited DeSales on Wednesday, May 2, 2012.

They began with an Admissions-lead tour followed by an Academic Resource Center briefing by Ann Koefer. They enjoyed dining at the DUC, followed by an overview of HR with Donna Mikol.

They capped off their day with ACCESS Advisor Kimberly Bruno, who had the group conduct a mock transfer evaluation of a potential ACCESS student.


Welcome back, Holly Miller

ACCESS and DSU welcomes back advisor Holly Miller who returns after a five month recuperation for double knee replacement! Holly is up and running…again!


Student Affairs – Office of Campus Ministry

A message from Fr. O’Connor

As many of you know, DeSales University is blessed with an excellent Office of Campus Ministry staffed by Fr. John Hanley, OSFS, as Associate Dean of Students/Director of Campus Ministry/Chaplain, and Mrs. Maggie Riggins, as Assistant Director of Campus Ministry.  They are assisted by Sr. John Marie, OSFS, Associate Campus Minister, and Mr. Ben Durham, Coordinator of Liturgical Music.

After twenty years of faithful and generous service, Fr. John Hanley, OSFS, will be moving on at the end of this academic year to the Oblate parish of St. Ann’s in Naples Florida.  It would be hard to exaggerate the quality of John’s work during his tenure here at DeSales.  Students, parents, faculty, and staff continually mention to me their gratitude for his caring service.

As you can imagine, it is becoming harder all the time to identify Oblates to continue our various ministries throughout the province.  This shortage of vocations is a sad sign of our times.  As Oblate Provincial, however, Fr. Greenfield has offered one solution that has interesting possibilities.

Some of you know Mr. Tim McIntire, OSFS, an Oblate scholastic teaching on the campus at the present time.  Tim will be ordained a deacon next October 13, 2012.  The deaconate will last into the summer of 2013.  Tim will then be ordained to the priesthood.  Tim has expressed an interest in exploring the possibilities of campus ministry work.

Dr. Jerry Joyce has suggested the following plan for next year:

  • Mrs. Maggie Riggins will be appointed the Director of Campus Ministry.
  • Mr. Tim McIntire will work in Campus Ministry part time (1/2 time) and continue teaching two theology classes during the fall semester.
  • After Tim’s ordination to the deaconate, he will work full time in an Oblate parish in Toledo, Ohio for the spring semester.
  • If all goes well, Deacon Tim McIntire will be ordained to the priesthood during the summer of 2013.  He will return to DeSales University as Chaplain (3/4) while also teaching one theology course (1/4) each semester. Sr. John Marie will continue to devote time to campus ministry (1/2) and to teaching education (1/2).
  • Sr. John Marie, OSFS, will move into the Alacoque House and continue its use for campus ministry.
  • The Oblate community at Wills Hall with characteristic generosity will cover the priestly ministerial aspects of campus ministry during the absence of an ordained minister in campus ministry.

As is almost always the case, this entire plan is based upon generosity of spirit.  Many individuals will be asked to collaborate in this transition plan.  I have no reason to doubt that this characteristic of Oblate ministry will not again appear.  May God be blessed in all we do!

Fr. Bernie O’Connor, OSFS, President

TEACH UNICEF Short Film and Panel tonight, 5/3

“To Educate a Girl” | Thursday, May 3, 6:45 p.m.

Hurd Room, University Center, 6:45 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., sponsored by the Education Department

Panel:  Sister Cyril Mooney, William Van Pelt (UNICEF), Sr. John Marie Schauber (DeSales U.), Rafita Alam (U.S. State Dept. YES Program Student), Jaime Gerhart (DeSales U.) , Dr. Priti Haria (DeSales Education)

Everyone is invited to attend.

Free Presentation. No tickets needed.  Sponsored by DeSales University.

Donations accepted for UNICEF School-in-a-Box Program.

For information on our speaker:

Questions? Alice Debus

Gambet Center Move-In Day

A message from Fr. O’Connor about the Gambet Center

There is certainly a lot of excitement in the air concerning the Rev. Daniel G. Gambet, OSFS, Center For Business and Healthcare Education. The wonderful architectural and construction companies of the Lehigh Valley are moving the project along with remarkable speed and skill.

I want to share with you the planned schedule for the move into the building.

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