Phishing, Smishing, Vishing…

fishingWhile you might have heard of phishing before, did you know about whaling, spear-phishing, smishing, catphishing, and vishing? All are forms of social engineering designed to trick you into either giving out your information or clicking on a link that then might install malware on your computer or device so the hacker can gather critical information. Let’s take a look at some of these terms and what they mean as well as who their targets might be.

Phishing – “Phishing is a cybercrime in which a target or targets are contacted by email, telephone or text message by someone posing as a legitimate institution to lure individuals into providing sensitive data such as personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, and passwords.” (Source:

Spear Phishing – “Spear phishing is an email targeted at a specific individual or department within an organization that appears to be from a trusted source. It’s actually cybercriminals attempting to steal confidential information.” (Source:

Whaling – “Whaling is a form of spear phishing that attempts to target high-level executives. Las Vegas casinos refer to the big spenders as whales, and casino managers are willing to spend extra time and effort to bring them into their casinos. Similarly, attackers consider high-level executives the whales, and attackers are willing to put in some extra effort to catch a whale because the payoff can be so great. When successful, attackers gain confidential company information that they might not be able to get anywhere else.” (Source:

Smishing – “The term “smishing” is a mashup of SMS (short message service) and phishing, which is when fraudsters utilize malware by sending emails which mimic a trustworthy source such as credit card company, financial institution or retailer. Unsuspecting consumers mistakenly open the email and click on the links, allowing the malware to be activated.” (Source:

Vishing – “Vishing is the illegal access of data via voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). Vishing is IP telephony’s version of phishing and uses voice messages to steal identities and financial resources. The term is a combination of ‘voice’ and ‘phishing.’” (Source:

Catphishing – “’Catphishing’ (also known as ‘sweetheart scams’)—is another emerging threat, one that entails exploiting individuals by targeting them through dating websites.  The term ‘catfish’ has come to signify people who present false information about themselves online.  The term came about after a documentary of the same name came out in 2010 on long-term online relationships.” (Source:

Sound familiar? You might not have known the name of the scam, but these sorts of attacks are on the rise. We will be focusing more on ways to protect yourself throughout the month. And BEWARE of the PHISHermen! You never know when you might be a target!

Purchase Your Fall Ball Tickets Now, Before It’s Too Late!

This year, Fall Ball will be taking the place of semi-formal. Fall Ball will take place on Friday, November 1, from 7PM to 11PM at Homewood Suites!

Non DeSales students may attend as long as they are accompanied by a member of our student body. Tickets are $20.00, but ticket will only be on sale until October 18!

Free transportation of students is provided, with shuttles leaving Dorothy Day starting at 6:30PM and leaving the Homewood Suites starting at 10PM. You can purchase your tickets in the SGA Office in Dorothy Day Student Union.

Academic Affairs Move to Brisson Hall

Academic Affairs has moved from Dooling Hall to Brisson Hall effective October 1.

If you have a meeting scheduled in Academic Affairs, note that you cannot access Academic Affairs offices by entering Brisson through the side of the building near the parking lot or through the front entrance.  Please enter via the breezeway between Brisson and the chapel, and then follow the signs to Academic Affairs.

The following Academic Affairs offices are now located in Brisson:

  • Lisa Plummer – 117

Suite 120

  • Brother Dan Wisniewski – 118
  • Amy Jenkins – 120
  • Sue McGorry – 122

Suite 121

  • Katherine Ramsland – 119
  • Tracy Hallman – 121            
  • Claudia Panik – 121    
  • Bob Blumenstein – 123

Suite 126

  • Ron Nordone – 124
  • Del Schrampf  – 126


Salesian Quote of the Day

Go straight on, and always in God’s sight. God takes pleasure in seeing you make your little steps; and like a good father who holds his child by the hand, He will conform His steps to yours and will be quite happy not to go any faster than you.~ Selected Letters, Saint Francis de Sales


Tonight: Forensic Forum – The Psychology of Predators and Sex Offenders

Stephanie Scott-Snyder, a forensic clinical evaluator, will talk about her work with sexual predators. She will also discuss her experiences interviewing some of America’s most violent women.

Scott-Snyder is a mental health clinician and certified forensic counselor who provides court-mandated treatment to adult sexual offenders. She teaches forensic psychology at Ramapo College of New Jersey and trains law enforcement and social service personnel in mental health matters related to crime. Formerly a Writer/Producer at CourtTV, she is the author of Introduction to Forensic Psychology: Essentials for Law Enforcement and When Women Offend: Crime and the Female Perpetrator.

Tuesday, October 15 at 7PM
Commonwealth Room, DeSales University Center

Admission is free.

Call 610.282.1100, ext. 1466, or email to reserve your space

Flu Shots Available Today at the Wellness Fair

Rite Aid will conduct Flu Shot Clinics during the Student Journey to Wellness Fair on Tuesday, October 15 from 9AM – 1PM in the DUC.

Those enrolled in Highmark Blue Shield through DeSales University will receive the shot at no charge; however, you must bring your insurance card along with you to receive the shot.  You may also complete the Consent Form (attached) in advance and bring along with you.

Anyone not enrolled in the University sponsored health plan can still receive the shot by providing their insurance card, and Rite Aid will submit directly for payment. Those individuals may or may not incur costs. We have negotiated a special cash price of $28.00 for the Quad flu shots.

You may contact your health care provider directly to discuss, or call Rite Aid Pharmacy at 610.838.7371.

For questions from employees, please contact Lisa Lightcap at ext. 1369 or email her at

For questions from students, please contact the health center at ext. 1232.

More information about Flu Vaccine

Faculty/Staff: Get FIT for FALL! FREE On-Campus Yoga/Zumba Classes

Class Schedule is as follows:

  • Monday Yoga 12:10PM-12:50PM in Billera Hall Aerobic Room
  • Monday Yoga 5-6PM in the DUC
  • Wednesday Zumba 5-6PM in DUC Wood Room
  • Thursday Yoga 12:10PM-12:50PM in Billera Hall Aerobic Room

PLEASE NOTE:  Zumba will not be held on Wednesday, October 16 but is scheduled

For Thursday, October 17 from 5-6PM in the DPT Rehab Classroom (Chappuis Hall rear)

Questions: email or