The Move

TO:                 DeSales University Community

FROM:           Fr. Bernie O’Connor, OSFS

RE:                  “The Move”

DATE:              2/18/13

This week the campus community begins the process of moving into and enjoying our newest building, Rev. Daniel G. Gambet OSFS Center for Business and Healthcare.  On Wednesday afternoon the University-wide faculty meeting will be held in the new auditorium.  Also during the week the faculty who will be moving into the building will begin packing their items for the move that occurs over spring break.

I hope that you find the building a perfect fit for DeSales University.  It is sturdy and strong; versatile and friendly; durable and functional.  It has an amazing amount of technology within its smart design.  It is neither extravagant nor wasteful.  I wish to thank the design team headed by Mr. Robert Snyder.  Bob spent many an hour leading the various constituents involved with the project.  Behind the scenes Mike Sweetana monitored the financing for the project and moved it along with great speed; while Marc Albanese oversaw the construction companies with skill.  The faculty for the new building contributed immensely.  We owe a great debt of gratitude to Fr. Peter Leonard, OSFS, for partnering with both Dr. Wayne Stuart with the PA staff and Dr. Mary Liz Doyle-Tadduni and Dr. Carol Mest with the nursing faculty for the design and functionality of the healthcare floor of the building.  The business faculty led by Dr. Chris Cocozza and Dr. David Gilfoil have created an equally successful second floor.  You will love the trading floor.  We are truly blessed by the wonderful contributions from so many members of our community.

Although there is a professional moving company that will accomplish the actual transfer of offices into the new building, a process like this always generates tensions and anxieties.  The increase of activity, the disruptions of normal patterns, and the transitions from “old” to “new” often generate complex sets of feelings.  Fortunately within the great Catholic tradition and especially within the Salesian family we have just the right virtue to aid us in coping with these events:  Patience.

Here are a few thoughts from Francis de Sales about this great virtue:

“There is no better way of growing toward perfection in the spiritual life than to be always starting over again and never thinking that we have done enough.  But most important, don’t lose heart, be patient, wait, do all you can to develop a spirit of compassion.  I have no doubt, that God is holding you by the hand; if he allows you to stumble, it is only to let you know that if he were not holding your hand, you would fall.  This is how he gets you to take tighter hold of his hand.”

Don’t forget to place 12:00 noon on your personal calendar for the formal ribbon-cutting ceremony on Friday, April 5, 2013.

DeSales Middle States Commission Periodic Review Report

Are you interested in the process DeSales undertakes to maintain our regional accreditation status with the Middle States Commission on Higher Education?

The University must demonstrate an ongoing commitment to meeting the Middle States Commission on Higher Education Standards of Excellence.  The Middle States process of peer review occurs on a periodic basis, with our last notice of reaccreditation granted  in March 2008.  As part of this process, by June 1, 2013, we must file our Periodic Review Report (PRR) with the Commission.   This report is being co-authored by Fr. Peter Leonard, Dean of Graduate Education and Peter Rautzhan, AVP Administration and Planning.

Throughout the Spring 2012 and Fall 2012 semesters, materials have been collected, reviewed and analyzed to draft a document that is now available for sharing with the campus community.  The draft document can be accessed within the MyDSU portal under “Forms & Documents” in the top navigation (see screenshot below).

Beginning next week, there will be several open forums for students, faculty, and staff.  In each forum, the PRR process and an executive summary of the PRR document will be presented.  Each session will offer the chance to ask questions, provide comments and solicit additional feedback that will aid in shaping the final document.  Please plan on attending one of the following sessions in the DUC, Trexler Room to offer your insights.

  • February 26 at 9 am
  • February 27 at 10 am
  • February 28 at 3 pm

If you are unable to attend one of the open forums and wish to offer feedback, please send your comments/questions about the PRR directly to and/or

Where to find the Middle States document.

Where to find the Middle States document.


Spring Break Announcements


We are writing to remind you that Spring Break is soon approaching. This is a well deserved break for all of you who have been working so diligently this semester on your academics as well as the vast number of extracurricular projects you may be involved in as well. On Friday, March 1st, the campus will shut down at6PM for the break and will not reopen until 2PM on Sunday, March 10. [Read more…]

Men’s Basketball Playoff Game, 2/20

Don’t forget that the Men’s Basketball team has a playoff game this Wednesday, 2/20 at 7:00pm in Billera and it will be another WHITE OUT! They will be taking on FDU-Florham, so be sure to show your support and WEAR WHITE! Remember to bring your student ID with you to get in for free.


Freshman class learn how to use a remote controlled camera crane, 2/20

DeSales TV/Film Students Get a Taste of “Hollywood” Technology

Freshman class to learn how to use a remote controlled camera crane this Wednesday, February 20.

Center Valley, PA – (February 19, 2013) – An angel stands at the edge of a roof, surveying the area below from 36 feet above the ground. Suddenly she appears to swoop down, unnoticed by the dozens of passersby going along their business. This may sound like the description of a scene from a Hollywood movie, but its actually being filmed by DeSales TV/Film majors using a 34-foot jib to capture the shot. The action takes place this Wednesday, February 20, from 2 to 4 P.M. at the Trexler Library on the campus of DeSales University.

A jib is a remote controlled camera crane. A camera sits at the top of the crane and the camera operator uses a monitor to control the movement from the ground to 34 feet in the air. The result is a smooth floating image that can move above, around, below, or through an object or in a scene with flawless precision. The length and height of the crane allows the camera to reach areas that would be impossible to get to by any other means.

The shoot is for a student film entitled “You’re An Angel” about a young woman who owes a serious amount of money to a loan shark and the Guardian Angel who steps in to save her. “This is an amazing opportunity for our students,” says TV/Film department chair Chuck Gloman. “They are being introduced to the same cutting edge technology that is used in making major motion pictures and learning how to apply it to their own filmmaking.”

At 6 P.M. the jib will move to the parking lot of the Labuda Center for the Performing Arts for a bird’s eye view shot of a 1955 Ford Crown Victoria. The camera will travel from a height of 30 feet down around the front of the car and in through the window all in one shot.

The TV/Film department invites any individuals who are interested in seeing the technology in action to attend either event.

Year of Faith Series: “What my Catholic Faith Means to Me” and Be Fed~ Lunch and Lenten Reflection

Year of Faith Series: “What my Catholic Faith Means to Me”

4pm Wills Hal Chapel

Tuesday, February 26th:  Joseph Colosi

Thursday, March 14th: Juilene McKnight

Thursday, March 21st: Larry Chapp

Tuesday, April 9: Rodney Howsare

Be Fed~ Lunch and Lenten Reflection

1st Meeting: Noon, Wed, Feb. 20th

Kender, McShea

For students, staff and faculty ~ Campus Ministry provides lunch, as well as a passage, prayer, or poem to read and reflect. An informal lunchtime spiritual discussion.

An RSVP is not required, but helpful

RESNET Wireless Update

Subject: RESNET Wireless Update

Prior to the Fall 2012 semester, the University installed a new, state-of-the-art wireless network in all of the DeSales Residence Halls.  The initial feedback that we have received thus far has been fairly positive.  However, we continue to have intermittent issues, which affect multiple users.  The source of the issue continues to be that a student has installed a personal wireless router.

One of the goals of this posting is to reiterate that the installation of personal routers is not allowed (per the Resident Contract) AND can also be problematic.  There are two major network issues that can result from the installation of personal routers:

1) The problem in the dorms (stated above), was created by personal routers that were interfering with the signal of the DeSales wireless network.  The IT Department was able to somewhat mitigate this by changing the frequency of the DeSales equipment.  This, however, would not prevent similar problems from occurring in the future.

2) During the course of the semester, the IT Department typically has multiple help desk calls from students that can’t connect to the network.   Many times this is due to an improperly connected personal router.  There have been times where the rogue router results in taking down the entire network in a Residence Hall.  Troubleshooting these types of problems is very time consuming for the IT Department and frustrating to all the students that have to experience the outage.

Beginning at the return of Spring break 2013, the IT Department will be making changes to the wireless network that will render all personal routers unusable on the DeSales network.  The changes will identify these devices and then quarantine their signal, disallowing all connections from any client machine.  These changes will only identify and quarantine the rogue router.   The student should power off the router to prevent interference with any DeSales installed equipment.

If any residents are experiencing network issues in the Residence Halls, it is imperative that they contact the DSU Help Desk by emailing or by calling 610-282-1100 x4357.  The resident may also notify their Residence Hall Director if they feel the problem is not being addressed in a timely fashion.

Questions: Jim Mahachek