From Frank J. Lewis Institute Attendees:

“FJL is a must for every campus minister. I was embraced with so much energy and love for the young Church! You come in as a stranger, and leave with more friends, more ideas and energy than you could ever hope for. I’m in love with campus ministry. Thank you, FJL!”

Father Isaiah Mary Molano, OP, Associate Director, Catholic Community at Stanford University

“As someone who had been in the ministry field and already had an M.Div, I was skeptical as to how much I “needed” FJL. All of my doubts were unnecessary as the week was a wonderful experience that allowed me to bounce ideas and best practices off other ministers, pray and reflect on my own sense of mission, and think strategically about the kind of ministry I hoped to do in the future. From experiencing a renewing sense of community with fellow campus ministers to hearing some excellent theology, to learning about how to better incorporate social media, FJL was an enriching and enlivening experience.”

Susan Haarman, Associate Director of Campus Ministry, Gannon University

“The Frank J. Lewis Institute for Campus Ministry Orientation was such a great experience for me. With two years of ministry experience, but little in the way of guidance and support, the Institute was exactly what I needed. One of the first things you will notice is the radical hospitality of the staff and campus community at DeSales.  You feel right at home and begin to feel rejuvenated by the energy of others who share an understanding of the joys and the struggles of ministry on a college campus. Not only does the Institute provide opportunities to meet and share experiences with other ministers, it also provides a robust schedule of seminars, workshops and presentations on a variety of topics that are relevant to our field. This combination of networking and resource sharing is so helpful. You learn to set realistic boundaries for what is possible on your specific campus and you can gather good insights on how to keep your own spiritual life healthy so that you are able to minister to others in a more healthy, balanced way.  And on top of all that, you also feel uplifted by community prayer and fellowship with so many great ministers from across the country! I really appreciated the Institute and would encourage the young, the not so young, ministers to take advantage of this great opportunity for learning more about the call to ministry, growing in your own spiritual development, and meeting and networking with a great group of people!”

Katie Jones, Ohio Dominican University

“As a young campus minister, the Frank J Lewis Institute provided a wonderful opportunity for me to gain from the experiences of seasoned campus ministers, learn about valuable and relevant tools and resources for campus ministry, and reflect with other campus ministers on my own experiences of ministry.  It was so encouraging to meet my fellow campus ministry peers and I appreciated the opportunity to learn about the creative ideas and programs that they are implementing on their campuses. I recommend the Frank J Lewis Institute for all new campus ministers who are serious about furthering their development as Catholic campus ministers who engage in intentional and comprehensive campus ministry modeled around Empowered by the Spirit.”

Joseph Mazzawi, Cornell University

“The Frank J. Lewis Institute in 1993 helped put my ministry in context, give it direction and gave me confidence. Eighteen years later I still depend on the relationships I formed at ‘Frank J’ to help me serve my campus community. FJL is a must for every campus minister.”

Fr. John Hanley, OSFS, Associate Dean of Students for Faith and Justice, DeSales University


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