DeSales Reads….

Recommendations from the faculty and staff of DeSales University.


Rebecca Beardsall, Humanities and Amanda Yetter, Office of Student Life,  both recommend:

Walls, J. (2006) The Glass Castle.  New York. NY: Scribn
Amanda says “this was the best book that I read this summer!” and Rebecca adds: “A memoir like no other.  If you enjoy reading memoirs you have to put this one on your list.”

Trexler owns this book:  General Collection HV5132. W35 2006


Rebecca Beardsall also recommends:

London, J. (2004) Gilgamesh:  A Novel.  New York, NY: Grove Press.
Rebecca says: ” This is an epic type novel based in Australia, which chronicles the life of a very strong and courageous woman.”


Abdichie, C.A. (2009) The Thing Around Your Neck. New York, NY:  Knopf.

“This is an amazing collection of short stories that keeps you wanting more” –Rebecca Beardsall

This title is on order!

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