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Dr. Stephen Loughlin, Department of Philosophy, recommends:

St. Aelred of Rievaulx. (1974) Spiritual Friendship. Collegeville, MN: Cistercian Publications.
Dr. Loughlin says: “this is an amazing work that delves into the authentic meaning fo friendship.  Of the many profound aspects presented by this dialogue between three monks, one that struck hardest  was how poor our current understanding of friendship is.  In fact,  were these good monks to be exposed to our understanding of friendship today, they could only conclude that we have mistaken our acquaintances for friends.

This title is on order!

aquinasDr. Loughlin also recommends:

Loughlin, S. (2010) Aquinas’ Summa Theologiae. New York, NY: Continuum

“If you have ever wondered just what Thomas was up to in this well know work of theology, you will find yourself gently introduced by this book into the deep waters of his thought.  It was a pleasure to write and I hope that it will be equally received.” –Dr. Stephen J. Loughlin.

This title is on order!

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