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crisis_economics_largeDr. Tahereh Hojjat, Business Department recommends:

Roubini, n, & Mihm, s. (2010). Crisis economics: crash course in the future of finance. New York: Penguin Press.

Dr. Hojjatt says: “This book return crises to the front and center of economic inquiry; it shows that far from being the exception, crises are the norm  in advanced and emerging industrial economies.  Crises-unsustainable booms followed by calamitous busts – has always been part of capitalist systems.  The very thing that gives capitalism its vitality, its powers on innovation and its tolerance for risk, can also set the stage for asset and credit bubbles and eventually catastrophic meltdown whose ill effects reverberate long afterward.”

Trexler owns this title!  HB3722 .R68 2010


Seraji, M. (2009). Rooftops of Tehran. New York: Penguin Group.

 “This book is a rich love story about courage, sacrifice, and the bonds of friendship and shows the reader a glimpse into the life and customs of a country on the verge of revolution.  It brings to life a small part of the centuries-old Persian culture telling a story about friendship, humor, love and hope.  It shows a side of Iran that’s usually hidden from view-its warm, funny,kind, generous people.  This books shows why the flame of hope for Iran still burns so fiercely in the hears of so many Iranians at home and abroad.” -Dr. Hojjat.

This title is on order!

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