UPDATE! Adding persistent links to your ANGEL course

From our EBSCO Databases:If you would like to add a direct link to an article in one of the library’s EBSCO databases, please be aware you need to link via what is called a “Permalink.” This is an article specific URL that can be found beside the record for the article.

In you results list, click on the article title (rather than the PDF) and look for the “Permalink” icon in the right hand column. This link will give you a URL which will give your students access to the article both on and off campus.

DO NOT USE THE URL AT THE TOP OF YOUR SCREEN. That is a session link which will not provide access to the article with ANGEL.

Unfortunately, the “Permalink” icon with EBSCO database does not function properly with Internet Explorer. The company is working to repair this problem. For now, please use either Firebox or Safari when you want to link EBSCO articles to your course with ANGEL.

From Films on Demand:

How do I embed a video from Films on Demand in my ANGEL course?

  1. Once you have located a video that you would like to embed in your online course, click on the title to access the Details associated with that video.
  2. Scroll down to see a Details box, which includes a title URL.
  3. Segment links are located on the right side of the page.

Copy and paste this URL into the desired location in your ANGEL course.

Again, DO NOT use the url at the top of the browser.  This will lead to a page that requires a login instead of the video.

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