New Policy on Noise Abatement in Trexler Library

New Policy on Noise Abatement in Trexler Library

1.  Trexler Library is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to study as well as welcoming to all users.  All library staff and users of the library should respect the rights of others and refrain from making excessive noise while using the University Library.

2.  Civility in the Library – Trexler Library is very busy at certain times of the day, particularly in the evenings.  We have had numerous student complaints about noise in the building.

Library staff members frequently ask groups of people to quiet down, but students need to monitory their own behavior and be considerate of others who use the library.  Please think of the needs of others.

3.  Library staff members reserve the right to ask individuals to leave the library is noise levels remain high after a library staff member asks those individuals to quiet down.

4.  Cell Phones – Audible ringers should be turned off on cell phones and other devices entering the library.  If you need to make or receive a phone call, please use the enclosed area between the entrance doors on the first floor.

All library personnel are authorized to request that inconsiderate and disruptive use of cell phone or other electronic devices be discontinued immediately.

5.  Conversation –  Loud conversation or other disturbing noise is not permitted in areas designated as “Quiet Zones.”  These zones are near study carrels and stack area tables on both the first and second floors.  See signs posted in the library.

6.  Small group/work study areas – the library currently has 5 designated small group areas and one silent study room.

  • Three small group rooms are in the back of the library on the 1st floor.
  • One small group room is located on the first floor of the library near the circulation desk
  • The McFadden Room/Salesian Collection Room on the second floor can be reserved as a small group study space. Please ask at the circulation desk.
  • A new silent study room was created on the second floor near the TTC.  Conversation is discouraged in this space.NOTE:  The Air Products Room is not available as a study room.


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