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Since 2001, DeSales’ MBA students have had the opportunity to travel abroad as part of the study tour classes periodically offered in the MBA program.  Our students have traveled to Germany, Romania, Peru and India to experience first-hand the global business world.  They gained valuable knowledge regarding that country’s business environment through meetings with business executives, senior government officials and company visits.  Since globally-involved companies look  to employ professionals who have a better understanding of other cultures and customs, the students were also given a taste of the country’s cultures with trips to places like the Taj Mahal, Macchu Picchu, Cologne, Delphinarium and even a day long bike tour in Maastricht, Netherlands.

Here are some thoughts from participants regarding their study tour experiences

Germany 10 ResizeKim Happel participated in the very first study tour to Europe and says: “…Traveling abroad with DeSales was an amazing experience for all of us.  This class offered a great deal of perspective and insight into cultures, business practices and language.  Visiting various businesses, professionals, and Universities was a great eye-opening experience…”

Shelly Mule shared her thoughts about  the study tour to India:  “India is definitely a land of contradictions, from the Taj Mahal to extreme poverty, but there is a real emergence of a middle class and voracious focus on education.  Every MBA student should take the opportunity to witness this exciting change first-hand!”

Mary Ann McCaffrey traveled to Romania and Germany and remarked:  “I was surprised as to how alike and how very different the two countries (Romania and Germany) are compared to the U.S. and to each other.”

Peru Dressler ResizeJulia Dressler commented on the Peru study tour:  “During my undergraduate years, I lived and studied in Dublin, Ireland for three months and I’m not exaggerating when I say my short two weeks in Peru equaled the same level of cultural immersion, new knowledge, and personal growth…  If our visit to Peru taught one lesson, it’s the lesson of globalization for both business and education…”

Hopes for future MBA study tours

The MBA program would like to continue offering study tour trips.  In the last year, students from Romania and Peru have visited the U.S. on study tours developed by the MBA program to experience our American business and culture first-hand.  As further global connections are made, more study tours will be offered and additional cultural/economic learning experiences made available.  Our goal is to continue broadening our global focus as an MBA program and train globally-minded business professionals ready for the current and future business world.

If you have participated in one of our study tour classes or would like to suggest items for future trips, we would love to hear from you!   Forward your feedback to


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