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From the moment your MBA advisor calls saying “you’re accepted”, your journey towards attaining your MBA begins.  For most of you, this marks a return to the frontlines of school after a period of a couple of years or longer.  This time, however,  you are armed with extra responsibilities of work, family, etc.  The first few weeks of your very first class/classes can be daunting at best.  That’s why this post is for you.  We’ve asked a couple of MBA students who have just completed their first class/classes in the Winter 2011 session to share their  experiences and advise those of you who are just starting on your MBA journey.

Listen to what new students, Paul Keeler and Jennifer Jones, had to say:

                “My biggest challenge was getting back into the swing of things and finding the appropriate work ethic required when taking a class.  My first class had a lot of reading and writing, which takes longer when you’re out of practice. My first class was a success, so I will try to continue doing most of the same things.  However, all classes are different so it’s never a situation where you can “lather, rinse and repeat.”   In my first class I tried to read ahead when I had the time, which I found helpful and is something I plan on continuing.   (To new students) Have a lot of extra time built into your schedule to make it easier to blend in your coursework.  It’s easier to add other activities and commitments if you find you have the time, rather than having a full schedule and becoming overwhelmed.” – Paul Keeler

Paul is pursuing an MBA with a concentration in Finance.  He took his first class at our Center Valley campus. 

“My biggest challenge as a new student was taking on an entirely different realm of learning and confronting my weaker academic areas at a graduate level.  For my next class, I will need to find the delicate balance between my career and school that will allow enough time for studying the new material.  I would advise a new student to take full advantage of the DeSales staff and their willingness to communicate and resolve issues, or answer even the smallest question. I have been very impressed with their commitment to my (our) success!” – Jennifer Jones

Jennifer is pursuing a concentration in Management.  She took her first class at our Easton campus.

Now stop for a moment – and congratulate yourself on the decision to pursue your MBA!  This choice will change the rest of your life.  Next, take a deep breath – you’re in this for the duration, whether it takes you 2 or 6 years!  Most importantly, try to make lasting connections in addition to learning the material.  The people you meet along your MBA journey may end up being the doorway to your next career or even becoming lifelong friends!

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